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Friday, 14 July 2017

Not getting the response you want from your IT résumé submissions?

You’re doing great on your own.  You don’t need some Dallas Technical Recruiter to find a job.  Heck, you’re on Craigslist every single day, and you’re auditing Monster™ and Indeed™ with the fervor of a religious zealot!

You’ve sent out 20 (or maybe even 50) résumés and you know it’s just a matter of time.  One of these lucky companies is going to realize how fortunate they would be to have you as a stunning new addition to their otherwise lackluster IT team.

Except…  It has been almost four weeks, and you haven’t even had a nibble.  Few phone calls; one interview that went nowhere; and even the few “thank you for your application” replies didn’t even have a signature or a name on them.

What’s wrong with these people?  How could they possibly fail to recognize your talent and the massive contribution you could make to the company?  Did anybody even read your résumé?

Knowing when it’s time to ask for help with your IT job search

Please step into the Attitude Adjustment Booth

(Don’t mind the man with a baseball bat—that’s just a courtesy feature for our best customers)

Do you need to be persuaded to use the tools that are available?   There’s a story about a person who owned a wonderful exercise tool called an elliptical trainer.  It sat in her garage for three years under a tarpaulin.  A friend asked “Why don’t you sell that or give it away?”

The owner replied that she walked her teacup poodle around the block twice every day for exercise.  The machine was for the day she decided to step up her game.

“You know, if you were ever going to use it,” her friend observed, “you would have done so already.”

Looking For Dallas IT Jobs On Your Own

Frank Sinatra reached some incredible highs in his life, but also experienced some profound low points.  Everything that happened was entirely on him because he refused to ask for help.  Whatever occurred, for Frank it was always “My Way”.

There is no shame in utilizing the resources that are available to you.  In point of fact it shows perspicacity, fortitude, and wisdom to recognize an advantage when it is presented to you.  Winners don’t ignore clout, leverage, tools, or assets because of vanity—that’s why they’re winners.

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Dallas Technical Jobs

The Dallas technical job market may be booming but that doesn’t necessarily mean that jobs are advertised.  Most companies will not trouble themselves with advertising, sorting through candidates, organizing interviews, or even engaging in this whole elongated, tedious process to find a new team member.

Companies consult professional recruiters because they have a ready supply of qualified candidates.  Not only does this free up HR personnel for the company, but the recruiter only sends three or four highly qualified candidates, so the recruitment process is substantially shortened.  This saves a company the cost of covering the position while the search is ongoing, and gets them back up to full capacity more quickly.  It is a win-win scenario.

If you work with a recruiter for a technical job in Dallas, this becomes a win-win-win scenario.  Your search will be over sooner, and you’ll have a great job that suits you personally, and a corporate culture that matches your style for increased job satisfaction.

The Takeaway

It costs nothing to use the services of a recruiter.  The companies doing the hiring foot that particular bill so this is a free service for you.

Another consideration is that you probably still have a job that consumes 40 hours or more per week of your time.  How much energy do you have left at the end of the day to dedicate to your job search?  Wouldn’t you rather receive an e-mail or phone call from the recruiter saying that they had a position they thought you would be suitable for?  Of course you would.

A recruiter’s recommendation also carries a lot of weight.  In a large crowd you are not very distinctive.  If a recruiter says “this is the person you ought to look at”, you are getting an interview, and possibly a job.

Additional advice from a recruiter will let you know the best approach, and the expected salary range, so that you don’t sell yourself short.  They can even negotiate on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a technical job in Dallas, technical recruiters are the way to go.  Check it out today.

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