Schmoozing IT Recruiters in Your Niche

Increasing your visibility with IT recruiters is the “new normal.” Befriending and staying on their radars will help you when opportunities in your niche popup.
Monday, 30 October 2017
Smart move, schmoozing IT recruiters in your niche Smart move, schmoozing IT recruiters in your niche

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What is the meaning of the subtitle?  You said “What?” and kept reading.  If people aren’t drawn in by what you say or do, you’re essentially invisible nowadays.  The most important quality is visibility.

But how do you go about finding and schmoozing with IT recruiters to maximize your visibility?

Again and again, we return to LinkedIn—not because they represent some magical solution—but because they are often the most efficient route to get things done when it comes to networking in any capacity.  LinkedIn did for business what Facebook did for social media, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of it.

Presumably, you have an IT recruiter network, so it is time to put it to work for you.  Check out which of the most senior execs in your list are related to your niche.  It can be surprisingly broad.  If you are a Data Scientist, for example, you could work in R&D in virtually any company in that capacity, even Medical Science.  If you can make all those little ones and zeroes jump through flaming Hadoops, people are going to love you no matter where you work.

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Ask those contacts if they’ve had any experience with IT recruiters either as a client or employer.  If you discover that they have, ask for a recommendation so you can contact that recruiter with a proper introduction.

Why do you want to make these associations?  Quite often today the highest ranking and best-paying jobs go unreported.  Why advertise in a newspaper or with an online service that could swamp you with a thousand applications when recruiters have plenty of pre-qualified leads?  

They don’t, of course.

Identifying the right IT staffing opportunities in your niche

By being connected to these recruiters, you have a good chance of being exposed to opportunities that you wouldn’t even have known existed.  Which recruiters are best?  Talk to connections at firms where you would like to work and find out which recruiting services their employers utilize.

If your niche is particularly specialized, you might not find more than one or two recruiters at work in that area, but don’t despair.  If the same names keep coming up wherever you inquire, that means they are well-known and specialize in your area.  It only demonstrates that it’s much more important to begin a relationship with those recruiters!

Stay visible to the IT recruiters you know

IT recruiters dallas visibilityOnce you are on their radar, stay noticeable.  One of the best ways to do that is to recommend people that you know who would be suitable for positions that they’re trying to fill, but for which you are not qualified.

It’s only natural that your tech recruiter connections will begin to think “Hey, what a great gal/guy!  You know…I think I have a job s/he might be perfect for!”  Just make sure that any recommendations you make are high quality so it doesn’t do the opposite and reflect badly on you.

Get on the IT recruiters list of candidates in Dallas or wherever you are

Gone are the days of flipping through the newspaper in a coffee shop, or scanning online ads to try to find a new job (especially at work when your boss is entitled to monitor everything you do online).  Some jobs can still be found that way, but the vast majority are now in the hands of professional recruiters.

Technical recruiters have lined up lists of both active and passive candidates.  As the name implies, the latter group often don’t even know that they are listed until a recruiter comes up with a perfect job for them.

We’ve all known people who suddenly got amazing job offers “right out of the blue.” They are almost always accomplished, respected, perhaps newsworthy, and often already well-paid.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease

It is the “new normal.”  Befriend IT recruiters, either directly or through network connections, and then stay on their radar—helping them by suggesting candidates. Maintain a high profile on LinkedIn; become well known for being helpful and productive in the forums—that will get you noticed by even more tech recruiters who watch for that sort of activity every day.

If you’re going to get ahead, people have to know that you exist.  So get out there and make some noise!

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