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Even if the idea of hiring a Dallas technical staffing agency seems a little too “entry level” for your career level, it is working for every type of IT professional. 

Whether you are a recent college graduate with just a few internships on your resume, or a seasoned CIO with a long and successful track record, today’s job market requires you to “pull out all the stops” to find the right opportunities.  

In the world of information technology jobs, college graduates are in high demand and why shouldn’t they be? With the advancement of technology and gadgets, evolution of the Internet and the ever-growing world of media and apps, companies are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to catch customers’ attention and that means keeping a full staff, specifically filled with employees who have fresh ideas.

Recent grads are a great way to bring new life to a company, and with so much progression in technology, the IT job market in Dallas is booming.

Here are five IT jobs in Dallas that are great for newer graduates.

Landing a new job is never easy, but if you have the right skills then you can find hot jobs in the IT field. Information technology jobs are still in high demand in almost every area of the country, even in cities where persistent unemployment has hurt the economy. But not all IT jobs are created equal. It seems as soon as you learn the skills needed to land a specific job, the requirements change.

If you want to know how staffing agencies can help you get in the door of major employers, then it may be time to find to look for IT staffing companies in your area.  You see, it’s not the average recruiter who can help you with a big IT job; it is the technical recruiter who knows what it takes to stand out as an IT professional.  They know that your chances of getting past the gatekeeper greatly improve when you go beyond the typical resume and cover letter.

smartphone mobile resumeUnless you rarely leave your home, it should come as no surprise to you that recent reports show that 75% of Americans now use smartphones and that there are more smartphones in use that there are people on this planet.

It's almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing people using their smartphones to stay connected with friends, search the web, or play games. Besides keeping up with Facebook and Twitter, smartphones are replacing desk and laptop computers for Dallas job seekers to search for employment while on the go.

According to a survey published last September by Internet job-search company Indeed, 65% of Americans would like to be able to apply for a job using their mobile phone. They warn that companies who fail to make the application process optimized for smartphone users will end up losing top talent to businesses that make it quick and easy to apply for open positions.

As a leader in Dallas IT staffing recruitment, we pride ourselves on staying abreast of trends that our clients who seek technology jobs in Dallas expect from a top-notch recruitment firm. In this article I'm going to share what I've learned about mobile-optimization and talk about what recruiters can do to make sure they are able to snag the top talent and I'll explain to job seekers how they can use their smartphones to find and apply for the best jobs.

tips-for-resumeIf the prospect of writing a resume feels overwhelming you….wait, scratch that. Of course you are feeling overwhelmed. After all, the reason you are sitting here reading this article is because you are unemployed, underemployed, or just bored with your current job and the only way you’re going to get to change things is to get a quality resume out to prospective employers. The problem is that there is a big, fat gray elephant standing in the way of you getting started.

Building an updated resume that gets the right kind of attention is hard work; it requires thinking about the past, both good and bad work experience.

It requires being honest with yourself and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses. You may not know where to begin.

Whether that elephant is procrastination or simply not knowing how to get started, it is a huge obstacle standing in the way of you getting where you want to go.

There is no way over, under or around it. Well, grab your knife and fork (okay, a pen) because, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

iPhone Apps for Job Seekers

Do you still remember the days of typing up a resume and cover letter on “linen resume paper” and mailing it to that anonymous post office box listed in the newspaper’s Help Wanted section?  Believe it or not, that was less than 20 years ago.  It hasn’t taken long for technology to completely change the recruitment landscape.

Today’s job seekers don’t need to devote an entire day composing the perfect letter, nor do they need to spend any money on ink or postage.  That’s because job seeking has gone digital; and it is no longer limited to just your laptop or PC.  A whole host of iPhone and smartphone apps are now available to help job seekers stay in touch with potential employers wherever they go.

Even before most Dallas job seekers meet with their first hiring manager or recruiter, chances are they’ve spent some time examining their options and aligning their career goals with the needs of the marketplace. Whether they know it or not, these activities are the start of a career action plan.

Perception is nine tenths of reality, or so the adage goes, and regardless of whether that’s fair, it is largely true. That means the cool Facebook pic of you in the marijuana T-shirt is likely to convince a hiring manager to go with another candidate.

This isn't an unusual practice for employers. You can read about dozens of incidents where current employees were fired for something they shared on Facebook. 

As a job candidate, you trade on your skills. So it’s important you treat those skills as valued commodities.

That’s why the job description doesn’t matter. Yes, you read that correctly. The job description doesn’t matter.

Job descriptions are often written by committee, or at worst, by someone in another corporate department with limited understanding of what the hiring manager needs. Job descriptions, as a result often end up as a jumble of technologies, some of which don’t even go together.

The best approach is to self-determine your true skills, whether that be SharePoint development or Network Security Architecture. Tout those skills in clear and decisive language throughout your resume, and work with your recruiter, who will understand the priority skills for which a company is searching.

A good recruiter will know whether your core skill set is what the client seeks and will be able to work with an account manager to ensure the client looks at your list of valued commodities on a holistic level.

Your recruiter may even determine it is best to give you an overview of the hiring team and environment, rather than cloud your judgment and skew the power of your resume by showing you the client’s bloated grocery list of tech skills. As always, choosing a skilled recruiter is key.