Manufacturers Supported

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GTN provides experience in servicing one of the widest range of technology products in the Industry today. Our support of the OEM environment and multi-vendor parts allows GTN to get systems back up and running faster and streamlines the repair processes. On-site support for companies and customized service level maintenance agreements for large enterprise multi-vendor computer and equipment installs is just one of the reasons GTN has grown over the past 10 years. We source systems and parts, and redeploy surplus, to support your infrastructure and reduce your hardware investment.  We service a broad range of products including computers, servers, desktops, networks, printers, and storage equipment from OEMs and manufacturers

GTN is a third- party maintenance company with over 20 years of experience providing computer hardware maintenance across all manufactures platforms. The value in choosing GTN as your maintenance provider helps maintain service levels to support your business community’s requirements and control your budgets reducing present and future spend.  Third–party maintenance with GTN is a viable option for companies as it offers not just a less expensive but different type of service.  It’s like having your own dedicated expert on call, and is a great way to enhance the level of service your organization requires.

We assign a single point of contact for all issues and a single supplier instead of multiple vendors.  Managing services also offer SLA’s for service delivery, fixed price contracts, lower TCO, service bundling strategies and the ability to influence customers at a business decision making level.

  • Customized Service Level Agreements (SLA) by platform models and designed by business needs
  • On site spares on location and throughout the United States accelerating remediation
  • Leverage single-call accountability for IBM hardware support – by Assigned Specialist
  • Minimal quarterly on-site visits to review system logs


IBM System z/zSeries Mainframe Processors — IBM z114 (2818), IBM z196 (2817), IBM z10 EC (2097), IBM z10 BC (2098), IBM z9 EC (2094), IBM z9 BC (2096), IBM z990 (2084), IBM z890 (2086), IBM z800 (2066), IBM z900 (2064), Legacy IBM Multiprise (2003, 7060), IBM S/390 9672.

IBM System p/pSeries Servers — IBM Power7 (p7), IBM Power6 (p6), IBM Power5 (p5) and Power5+ (p5+), IBM Power4 (p4) and Power4+ (p4+), IBM RS6000 (RISC).

IBM System i/iSeries Servers — IBM Power7 (i7), IBM Power6 (i6), IBM Power5 (i5) and Power5+ (i5+), IBM AS/400.

IBM System x/xSeries Servers — IBM xSeries, IBM System x, IBM x86, IBM eServers, IBM BladeCenter Chassis, IBM Blade Servers.

IBM Tape Products — IBM Tape drives, controllers, libraries/frames, VTS.

IBM Disk Products — IBM N-Series, IBM DS3XXX, DS4XXX, DS5XXX, DS6XXX, DS8XXX, IBM Shark 2105.

IBM Connectivity Products — IBM Controllers, ESCON Directors, FICON Directors, Front-end Processors (FEP), Mainframe-attached peripherals.
IBM Open Systems-attached peripherals.


HP 9000 Servers — HP 9000 Workstations, HP 9000 A-L-N-class, HP 9000 K-class, HP 9000 D-class, HP 9000 rp3410/3440/4410/4400, HP 9000 rp7405/7410/7420/7440, HP 9000 rp8400/8420/8440, HP 9000 Superdome PA-RISC.

HP/Compaq/DEC AlphaServers — HP DS series, HP ES series, HP GS series, Compaq DS series, Compaq ES series, Compaq GS series, Compaq AlphaServer series, DIGITAL AlphaServer series, DIGITAL Server 3000/5000/7000 series, DIGITAL AXP2000/3000/4000/7000/10000 Server series.

DEC VAX series Servers (VMS / OpenVMS) — VAX 7000/10000 Server series, VAX 8000 Server series, VAX 6000 Server series, VAX 4000 Server series, VAXstation 4000 series, MicroVAX 3100 Server series, VAX 11/780 - 11/785, VAX 8600/50, MicroVax II.

DEC PDP series Servers (RSTS) — DEC PDP-11/23, DEC PDP-11/34, DEC PDP-11/44, DEC PDP-11/70, DEC PDP-11/73, DEC PDP-11/84, DEC PDP-11/94.

HP Integrity Servers (Itanium) — HP Integrity rx1600/1620, HP Integrity rx2600/2620/2660, HP Integrity rx2800 i2, HP Integrity rx3600/6600, HP Integrity rx4610/4640, HP Integrity rx5670, HP Integrity rx7620/7640, HP Integrity rx8620/8640, HP Workstations: J Class, C Class, B Class, 700 Series, HP Integrity Superdome sx1000, HP Integrity Superdome sx2000, HP Integrity Blade Servers BL860c/870c/890c.

HP ProLiant Servers — HP ProLiant SL, DL, ML & BL series, Legacy Compaq ProLiant: 1850R, 5500, 7000, 8500, etc., BladeSystems C3000, C7000 Enclosures.

HP 3000 Servers — HP 3000 9x7, HP 3000 9x8, HP 3000 9x9, HP 3000 A-class, HP 3000 N-class.

HP Tape Libraries — MSL8XXX, MSL6XXX, MSL5XXX, MSL4XXX, MSL2XXX, TL-series and TZ-series.

HP Disk Arrays — HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array ('EVA') Series: 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000 series, HP StorageWorks Modular Storage Array ('MSA') Series: 20, 30, 50, 500, 1000, 1500, Legacy CI, DSSI and SCSI Series: HSJ, HSZ, HSD, HSG, HP VA Series: 7XXX, 74XX, HP XP ('HDS') Series: 48, 128, 512, 1024, 10000, 12000, 20000, 24000.


Sun Classic SPARC and Ultra Servers — Sun SPARC 1 (4/60), Sun SPARC 1+ (4/65), Sun SPARC 2 (4/75), Sun SPARC IPC (4/40), Sun SPARC IPX (4/50), Sun SPARC 5, Sun SPARC 10, Sun SPARC 20, Sun Ultra 1, Sun Ultra 2, Sun Ultra 5, Sun Ultra 10, Sun Ultra 20, Sun Ultra 25, Sun Ultra 30, Sun Ultra 40, Sun Ultra 45, Sun Ultra 60, Sun Ultra 80, Sun Blade 100, Sun Blade 150, Sun Blade 1000, Sun Blade 1500, Sun Blade 2000, Sun Blade 2500, Sun SPARCserver 1000/E, Sun SPARCserver 2000/E.

Sun Enterprise Servers — Sun Enterprise 220R, Sun Enterprise 250, Sun Enterprise 420R, Sun Enterprise 450, Sun Enterprise E3000, Sun Enterprise E3500, Sun Enterprise E4000, Sun Enterprise E4500, Sun Enterprise E5000, Sun Enterprise E5500, Sun Enterprise E6000, Sun Enterprise E6500, Sun Enterprise 10000.

Sun Fire Servers — Sun Fire 280R, Sun Fire E2900, Sun Fire 3800, Sun Fire 4800, Sun Fire 4810, Sun Fire 4900, Sun Fire 6800, Sun Fire 6900, Sun Fire 12K, Sun Fire 15K, Sun Fire 20K, Sun Fire 25K.
Sun SPARC Enterprise M Servers — Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000, Sun SPARC Enterprise M4000, Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000, Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000.

Sun Fire T Servers — Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440.

Sun Fire V Servers — Sun Fire V60x, Sun Fire V65x, Sun Fire V100, Sun Fire V120, Sun Fire V125, Sun Fire V210, Sun Fire V215, Sun Fire V240, Sun Fire V245, Sun Fire V440, Sun Fire V445, Sun Fire V480, Sun Fire V490, Sun Fire V880, Sun Fire V890, Sun Fire V1280, Sun Fire V1290.

Sun Fire X Servers — Sun Fire X2100, Sun Fire X2100 M2, Sun Fire X2200, Sun Fire X2250, Sun Fire X2270, Sun Fire X2270 M2, Sun Fire X4100, Sun Fire X4100 M2, Sun Fire X4140, Sun Fire X4150, Sun Fire X4170, Sun Fire X4170 M2, Sun Fire X4200, Sun Fire X4200 M2, Sun Fire X4240, Sun Fire X4250, Sun Fire X4270, Sun Fire X4270 M2, Sun Fire X4275, Sun Fire X4440, Sun Fire X4450, Sun Fire X4470, Sun Fire X4500, Sun Fire X4540, Sun Fire X4600, Sun Fire X4640.

Sun Netra Servers — Sun Netra 20, Sun Netra 120, Sun Netra 210, Sun Netra 240, Sun Netra 1280, Sun Netra 1290, Sun Netra T1 100, Sun Netra T1 105, Sun Netra T1 AC200, Sun Netra T1 DC200, Sun Netra T 1100, Sun Netra T 1120, Sun Netra T 1125, Sun Netra T 1400, Sun Netra T 1405, Sun Netra T5220, Sun Netra X1.

Sun StorEdge Arrays — Sun StorEdge 3510 FC, Sun StorEdge 6130, Sun Storage J4200, Sun Storage J4400, Sun Storage J4500, Sun StorageTek 2510, Sun StorageTek 2530, Sun StorageTek 2540, Sun StorageTek 6140, Sun StorageTek 6540, Sun StorEdge 3120, Sun StorEdge 3310, Sun StorEdge 3320, Sun StorEdge 3511 FC, Sun StorEdge 3910, Sun StorEdge 6020/6120, Sun StorEdge 6320, Sun StorEdge 6910, Sun StorEdge 6920, Sun StorEdge 9970/9980, Sun StorEdge 9985, Sun StorEdge 9990, Sun StorEdge A1000, Sun StorEdge A3500, Sun StorEdge A5000, Sun StorEdge D1000, Sun StorEdge D2, Sun StorEdge D240, Sun StorEdge S1, Sun StorEdge T3.


Dell PowerEdge 1300, Dell PowerEdge 1400, Dell PowerEdge 1400SC, Dell PowerEdge 1420SC, Dell PowerEdge 1425SC, Dell PowerEdge 1430SC, Dell PowerEdge 1435, Dell PowerEdge 1435SC, Dell PowerEdge 1500, Dell PowerEdge 1500SC, Dell PowerEdge 1550, Dell PowerEdge 1600, Dell PowerEdge 1600SC, Dell PowerEdge 1650, Dell PowerEdge 1655, Dell PowerEdge 1665, Dell PowerEdge 1700, Dell PowerEdge 1750, Dell PowerEdge 1800, Dell PowerEdge 180AS, Dell PowerEdge 185, Dell PowerEdge 1850, Dell PowerEdge 1855, Dell PowerEdge 1900, Dell PowerEdge 1950, Dell PowerEdge 1955, Dell PowerEdge 2100, Dell PowerEdge 2160AS, Dell PowerEdge 2161, Dell PowerEdge 2200, Dell PowerEdge 2250, Dell PowerEdge 2300, Dell PowerEdge 2350, Dell PowerEdge 2400, Dell PowerEdge 2450, Dell PowerEdge 2500, Dell PowerEdge 2500SC, Dell PowerEdge 2550, Dell PowerEdge 2560, Dell PowerEdge 2600, Dell PowerEdge 2650, Dell PowerEdge 2800, Dell PowerEdge 2850, Dell PowerEdge 2900, Dell PowerEdge 2950, Dell PowerEdge 2970, Dell PowerEdge 300, Dell PowerEdge 330, Dell PowerEdge 350, Dell PowerEdge 400SC, Dell PowerEdge 4100, Dell PowerEdge 4200, Dell PowerEdge 420SC, Dell PowerEdge 4300, Dell PowerEdge 430SC, Dell PowerEdge 4350, Dell PowerEdge 440, Dell PowerEdge 4400, Dell PowerEdge 440SC, Dell PowerEdge 4440, Dell PowerEdge 4600, Dell PowerEdge 500SC, Dell PowerEdge 600, Dell PowerEdge 6000, Dell PowerEdge 600SC, Dell PowerEdge 6100, Dell PowerEdge 6300, Dell PowerEdge 6350, Dell PowerEdge 6400, Dell PowerEdge 6450, Dell PowerEdge 650, Dell PowerEdge 6500, Dell PowerEdge 6600, Dell PowerEdge 6650, Dell PowerEdge 670, Dell PowerEdge 6800, Dell PowerEdge 6850, Dell PowerEdge 6950, Dell PowerEdge 700, Dell PowerEdge 7250, Dell PowerEdge 750, Dell PowerEdge 800, Dell PowerEdge 830, Dell PowerEdge 840, Dell PowerEdge 8450, Dell PowerEdge 850, Dell PowerEdge 8550, Dell PowerEdge 860, Dell PowerEdge 8650, Dell PowerEdge M1000E, Dell PowerEdge M600, Dell PowerEdge M610, Dell PowerEdge M805, Dell PowerEdge R200, Dell PowerEdge R300, Dell PowerEdge R410, Dell PowerEdge R510, Dell PowerEdge R610, Dell PowerEdge R710, Dell PowerEdge R715, Dell PowerEdge R805, Dell PowerEdge R900, Dell PowerEdge R905, Dell PowerEdge SDS100, Dell PowerEdge T105, Dell PowerEdge T300, Dell PowerEdge T400, Dell PowerEdge T605, Dell PowerEdge T610, Dell PowerEdge T710.


EMC Symmetrix — EMC Symmetrix 3100, EMC Symmetrix 3130, EMC Symmetrix 3200, EMC Symmetrix 3230, EMC Symmetrix 3500, EMC Symmetrix 5100, EMC Symmetrix 5200, EMC Symmetrix 5500, EMC Symmetrix 3300, EMC Symmetrix 3330, EMC Symmetrix 3400, EMC Symmetrix 3430, EMC Symmetrix 3700, EMC Symmetrix 5300, EMC Symmetrix 5330, EMC Symmetrix 5430, EMC Symmetrix 5700, EMC Symmetrix 3630, EMC Symmetrix 3830, EMC Symmetrix 3930, EMC Symmetrix 5630, EMC Symmetrix 5830, EMC Symmetrix 5900, EMC Symmetrix 5930, EMC Symmetrix 8130, EMC Symmetrix 8430, EMC Symmetrix 8730, EMC Symmetrix 8230, EMC Symmetrix 8530, EMC Symmetrix z8530, EMC Symmetrix 8830, EMC Symmetrix z8830, EMC Symmetrix DMX 800, EMC Symmetrix DMX 1000, EMC Symmetrix DMX 2000, EMC Symmetrix DMX 3000, EMC Symmetrix DMX-3, EMC Symmetrix DMX-4.


EMC Connectrix — EMC Connectrix DS-8B, EMC Connectrix DS-16B, EMC Connectrix DS-8B2, EMC Connectrix DS-16B2-0D, EMC Connectrix DS-16B3-FF-D, EMC Connectrix DS-16M-0D, EMC Connectrix DS-32B2, EMC Connectrix ED-12000, EMC Connectrix ED-48000, EMC Connectrix DS-24M2, EMC Connectrix DS-4400M, EMC Connectrix ED-64M, EMC Connectrix ED-140M.

EMC Celerra — EMC Celerra NX4, EMC Celerra NS22, EMC Celerra NS40G, EMC Celerra NS80G, EMC Celerra NS-120, EMC Celerra NS-480, EMC Celerra NS-960.


Fujitsu–Entry Level — Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 100 (PP 100), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 200 (PP 200), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 250 (PP 250), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 400 (PP 400), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 450 (PP 450).

Fujitsu–Midrange Class — Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 600 (PP 600), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 650 (PP 650), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 800 (PP 800), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 850 (PP 850).

Fujitsu–Enterprise Class — Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 900 (PP 900), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 1000 (PP 1000), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 1500 (PP 1500), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 2000 (PP 2000), Fujitsu PRIMEPOWER 2500 (PP 2500).


Cisco Edge switches with IP-based images (such as 2900, 3560, 3570 & 4500 series switches), Cisco hardware that has passed its "End of Software Maintenance" date (such as Cisco Catalyst 6509–E switch with a Sup–720 supervisor module) and Cisco hardware that has passed its "End of Support" date.

Hitachi Data Systems

WMS, AMS, 99xx, USP, USPV/USPV M, HP Branded Hitachi Storage, Sun Branded Hitachi Storage, HDS 95XX, HDS 99XX, HDS USP Series, HDS AMS Series, HDS XP Series.