Hiring IT Consultants: Benefits of Using GTN

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What are the benefits of using GTN Technical Staffing for help hiring independent IT consultants?

Are you considering independent IT consultants in the Dallas area?  Here are seven benefits of using GTN Technical Staffing when hiring IT consultants.

  1. GTN adds recruiting value, not redundancy.

  2. GTN does not compete for the same pool of public-domain candidates. While we advertise as one source of building our network, most of our placements come from referrals, former GTN consultants, and direct sourcing.

  3. You receive updates on a consistent, regular basis, whether by phone and/or email. We spend the time learning your IT consultant needs and building trusting relationships with you.

  4. Many employers are frustrated with the quality of the resumes they receive from recruiting firms. GTN solves that problem by properly qualifying the assignment before working on it and by filtering every sourced candidate through two to three people to maintain quality control.

  5. GTN screens independent IT consultants for both technical fit and culture fit.

  6. GTN provides insight on the candidates based on doing hundreds of interviews per year

  7. Your company is exposed to the GTN's huge network of qualified IT candidates.

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