Our IT Methodology

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GTN Technical Staffing is happy to work within a clients’ existing project methodology (if one exists), however we also have developed our own project steps to ensure all engagements are completed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Stage 1: Project Start

At the beginning of every project, we work with our client to create a scope of work for the project, defining roles and expectations of the GTN Technical Staffing team as well as our client. We also create an overall project plan, identifying end goals of the project.

Stage 2: Discovery

In the second stage of any project, we hold a discovery session with all project stakeholders and participants, analyzing the current environment, identifying project expectations and developing a quality assurance plan.

The Discovery stage includes:

    • Idea generation to gain a solution vision

    • As-is analysis to learn about existing technical infrastructures, the current environment, and the processes used within the environment

    • Requirements determination to scope out the full requirements and expectations for the solution

    • Project plan finalization to create the quality assurance plan (QAP). The QAP is one of the most critical phases of the methodology and consists of the following:

    • Quality mission statement

    • Quality success factors

    • Quality control process

    • Change control process

    • Risk and issue analysis / management process

    • Methods and practices

    • Software version control processes

    • Testing plan

    • Test cases

Stage 3: Design & Development

Once the Discovery process has been completed, GTN Technical Staffing moves into Design and Development. This is a six – step process for ensuring a robust and scalable solution according to the approved architecture. Once complete, the architecture can be tested in a prototype or can be used immediately in the application construction and building.

Stage 4: Implementation

The GTN implementation process consists of the solution release, training, and documentation. The most important steps in the release phase include the deployment process and the performance buildup. The deployment and installation process requires the following activities:
Production configuration

    • Data migration

    • Final systems integration

    • Client configurations

    • Production Rollout

    • Coinciding with the production rollout, GTN Technical Staffing will perform the user training and rollout the documentation.

Stage 5: Maintenance

The goal of the Maintenance stage is to ensure the system is operating at optimal performance and reliability. Our maintenance strategy is to assess it in its real-world environment and increase its business value proven methods for analyzing the system, validating usage, and proposing enhancements.