Vendor On-Premises Program (VOP)

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How can an on-site representative improve my company's profits and productivity?

The GTN Technical Staffing Vendor on Premises (VOP) program provides organizations with an on-site employee for dedicated assistance with day-to-day recruiting functions. As an objective, outside resource, GTN Technical Staffing employees help to locate the most qualified personnel for projects or permanent employment opportunities.

When hiring multiple people it is often difficult to ensure the success of the program without hiring additional personnel or placing additional demands on already overworked employees.

For these reasons, we introduced our "on-site" program. At your request we will provide an on-site recruiter to successfully staff your project with qualified resources and perform as any other duties deemed necessary by you. This individual will be stationed at your facility, but will remain our employee indefinitely.

Imagine the ease of having someone in your office who will relieve you of the burden of sourcing and screening your contract and temporary staff! Depending on the circumstances we may even be able to provide this person to you at no additional cost!

GTN Technical Staffing can help with these needs by providing qualified talent to handle:

    • Long and short term on-site consulting
    • Network migrations
    • Web design & development
    • Software coding and testing
    • Help desk consulting and management
    • Business process outsourcing
    • Application development
    • Desktop roll-outs
    • Peak period staffing
    • PC upgrades
    • Inventory audits
    • Computer equipment relocations
    • Employee vacation replacement
    • Employee maternity replacement
    • Nationwide installs
    • Computer moves


With more than 30 years of experience in placing IT consultants, GTN Technical Staffing has developed a refined recruiting process to identify promising candidates.

For difficult-to-source candidates and to reduce delivery times, GTN Technical Staffing will enlist associate vendors to support our sourcing efforts and will ensure that vendors comply with our thorough candidate screening process

Benefits to You

The benefits of an effective on site program are many. You will have someone who is more in tune with your office, has faster and better access to the rest of the team, and can adjust more quickly to changing requirements. You will have more time to focus on "core" duties while the on site representative increases profits and reduces turnover.

Our VOP program will reduce costs by containing rate increases, provide access to a sufficient pool of IT resources, reduce hiring mistakes, deliver continuity of service with reduced retraining costs, and provide the reporting tools needed to make objective decisions on the direction of the program.

It combines the reduced rate benefits of a VMS with a complete delivery process to ensure the continual placement and management of excellent IT consultants.