In recent months there has been a bevy of reports on whether artificial intelligence (AI) is coming for tech jobs, and there is no denying that AI will affect your software development career. But does fact necessitate an adverse reaction? Or are there positive connotations of incorporating AI into your skillset? This month we will look at three ways AI will impact your tech career and how your perspective can make a difference in the outcome.

AI Will Change the Way You Work

AI is already changing the way software engineers work. One of the most significant impacts of artificial intelligence is on the development process. With AI, software engineers can automate repetitive tasks such as testing, debugging, and code optimization. When engineers do not have to spend time pouring over lines of code, they have more opportunities to focus on more creative and complex tasks, such as designing new features and improving user experiences.

Another way AI will affect your software development career is by the ability to provide insights in real time into code quality and performance. AI-powered tools can analyze code and provide feedback to software developers for improvement in real-time. This can help to identify bugs and security vulnerabilities early on in the development process, saving time and money in the long run.

AI Will Create New Job Opportunities

Artificial intelligence is not just changing how software engineers work but also creating new job opportunities within the industry. As AI becomes more prevalent, the demand for engineers with AI and machine learning expertise will continue to increase. Software engineers with AI experience will be in high demand and can expect to command higher salaries. To stay viable, engineers need to embrace the changes brought by artificial intelligence, even if those changes are intimidating.

GTN - ai will affect your software development careerIn addition to creating opportunities for new jobs, AI is also changing the nature of existing roles within software development. For example, AI-powered tools can automate many tasks traditionally performed by project managers, such as scheduling and resource allocation. This means that project managers must adapt to new roles that leverage their skills in areas such as data analysis and decision-making.

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AI Will Require New Skill Sets

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly prevalent in software development, engineers must acquire new skills to stay competitive. One vital skill for software engineers to develop is an understanding of AI and machine learning principles. This includes knowledge of algorithms, statistical models, and data analysis techniques.

In addition to technical skills, engineers will also must develop soft skills such as communication and collaboration. AI-powered tools work in tandem with human engineers (not to replace them), so working effectively in a team will continue to be a critical skill. Software engineers will also need to communicate effectively with stakeholders, such as project managers and business leaders, to ensure that AI is effectively used to achieve business objectives.

AI Will Affect Your Software Development Career – How Will You Respond?

The fact that AI will affect your software development career does not need to fill you with fear and dread. Many of the personality traits that have led you to choose this career path in the first place can help you successfully navigate the changes that AI is bringing to the industry.

The website BeAPython lists a few of these traits as grit and determination, curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and self-confidence.

So, rather than living in fear of artificial intelligence coming for your job, embrace the change. Use the developing technology to foster your natural inquisitiveness and grow your skill sets. The above-referenced article stated, “Fortunately or unfortunately, you will always be subjected to several challenges that will teach you how to believe in yourself. You will mostly develop unwavering confidence in this career after your creations and knowledge have been battle-tested. Therefore, brace up…”

We agree. Develop a growth mindset, and prepare to ride the waves of change.

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