Considering Software Developer Career Change Options? Read Our List of Similar IT Careers.

software developer career change options Dallas, Phoenix

Do you want to learn about software developer career change options? Are you considering a change? As the leading IT recruiter in Dallas, Texas, and Phoenix, Arizona, we often see IT types transition between a wide variety of positions.  It is not uncommon to see a Network Security Engineer who was a Software Engineer after starting in Product Development. If you’re currently a software developer, but you’re wondering career options to switch to something new, then this post might be helpful. In it, we explore career change options for software developers to consider.  We hope you enjoy it.

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Niche Programming Languages Give Software Developers an Edge in Productivity

software developer

The software developer is the wizard behind the curtain. Software developers are the ultimate designers that connect people to the latest technologies. The best software developers are creative and have the technical expertise to implement innovative ideas. Writing code is one-way developers create. Historically, program code was written in four different languages: Java, C#, C++ or SQL. However, a significant number of niche programming languages are beginning to blossom and provide solutions to common problems and increase productivity.  These niche programming languages are giving Dallas area software developers an edge in productivity.

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Dallas Tech Recruiter Explains Reskilling vs. Upskilling in Information Technology (IT)

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What’s the difference? The words sound similar but they possess significantly different meanings. Confusing one word for the other can make you look silly, or throw your boss into a panic if you say you want to reskill instead of upskill. “What? Do you want to change departments, or are you quitting?” “No, nothing like that! I just want to take a night course in Network Management so you can promote me.” “Oh! You want to upskill, not leave and start a completely different career… That’s a relief!” Hopefully, your boss isn’t that literal-minded, and just thought you were a bit dimwitted, rather than that you were abandoning the department.

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The Many Variations of Software Development Career Paths

software development career paths

Are you overwhelmed by the variations of software development career paths? Wondering which is right for you? The aspiration to become a software developer is something that many tech professionals share, especially today when the job outlook in the Dallas information technology (IT) sector is so good. But software development is more of a broad category than an actual job description, and there are many paths within software development you can choose. As a career software developer (as opposed to a freelancer or entrepreneur), the typical tech career path starts as a junior software developer and then moves to a senior software developer. After that, an IT professional can stay on the technical side and become a lead developer or can move to management and as you grow in experience and communications skills become a senior software development leader. In the booming Dallas tech market, there is a great deal of flexibility in terms of where you work, whom you work for, and what IT projects you work on. In today’s post, we’ll explore the different paths and opportunities available in the world of software development careers.

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