Career Opportunities In Technology Have Never Been More Exciting

Career opportunities in technology arise and evolve just as quickly as the technology itself. The rapid advancements in technology and innovation means that many tech and IT jobs that are commonplace today did not even exist ten or even five years ago. Looking ahead, IT professionals face a similar dilemma while trying to map out their career paths and develop the skill sets that will serve them well in the tech job market a decade from now.

Of course, many tech roles that exist today will continue to be in demand in the years ahead and will likely see significant growth as demand rises.

While no one has a crystal ball that will definitively reveal the most popular career opportunities in technology in the 2030s, here are some possibilities based on current and anticipated trends:

Cybersecurity Specialists

The never-ending creativity and relentless efforts of hackers and cybercriminals – and the enormous costs to businesses when successful attacks and data breaches occur – will keep cybersecurity specialists in high demand. In fact, 2022 has seen a rise in cyber attacks around the globe.

This trend allows tech professionals to build and expand their cyber security skill sets and obtain related certifications.

Software Engineers

Software engineering as a defined career opportunity has been around since the 1960s (and some would argue the date goes back to the 1940s). During the past 60 years, software engineering continues to be one career opportunity in technology that sees exponential growth.

And the expansion of cloud technologies and the ubiquity of computer systems will keep talented software engineers in high demand.

For example, the need for applications software engineers who can build secure and scalable cloud programs will increase in the near future, as will the need for systems software engineers as more and more industries integrate these programs.

Mobile App Developers

Count the number of apps on your phone and multiply by 1000. Count the number of times a day you use your mobile device and the multitude of tasks you now perform on it, and you’ll understand why mobile app development is one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in technology.

Smartphones, tablets, and other devices have changed and will continue to change how we do business, communicate, and inform or amuse ourselves. Mobile app developers will lead this ongoing transformation.

Web Developers

The internet is where commerce lives now. As the number of online products and services continues to proliferate, web developers and designers will see increased job opportunities. So will individuals with responsive web design, user interface (UI,) and user experience (UX) skills.

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Commercial Civilian Drone Operators

We have barely scratched the surface of what drones can and will do for everything from delivery services to logistics to law enforcement to video and media. The growing fleets of drones will need skilled operators with the specialized aviation and tech training and skills required to fly and guide these machines safely.

Digital Currency Experts

gtn- career opportunities in technology - digital currency expertsEven if you are not personally into Bitcoin, crypto, and other blockchain technologies, a rapidly growing number of people and an increasing amount of wealth are. The complexities and risks of digital currency combined with the continued entrance of “newbies” into the market will create a need for digital currency experts, both on the front end to advise investors and on the back end to secure data. As the world’s economy embraces digital currency, this is one career opportunity in technology that will continue to experience growth.

Digital Locksmiths

Bulky keychains and access cards are quickly becoming things of the past as mobile, healthcare, and numerous industries switch to digital locks, cloud-based services, and other cyber-secure applications. But just as opening a lock after losing your keys requires the services of a trained locksmith, digital locksmiths will get calls when the tech behind such locks fail or from those who lock themselves out of their resources, cloud, facilities, and assets.

IoT Automation Contractors

The Internet of Things (IoT), smart grids, and increasingly automated offices, manufacturing, retail, and homes offer unprecedented convenience, but installing and configuring innovative IoT technology involves much more than setting up a new TV (which still vexes countless people to this day). Individuals who can integrate intelligent systems and devices will regularly get calls from frustrated clients as corporations, small businesses, manufacturers, and healthcare systems become ever more complex.

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