Knowing The Right Coding Languages Can Speak Volumes to Employers

Coding languages are the foundation for almost every facet of the tech industry.

Without talented programmers and developers fluent in the most widely used languages, the IT world would come to a grinding halt. The essential nature of coding makes it one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in technology.

But if you want to score a choice programming position, you’ll have to talk the talk that makes today’s and tomorrow’s technology run.

While programming languages are constantly evolving, and new iterations will inevitably come in the years ahead, here are six coding languages that are in demand right now.


Even though it has been around for three decades, JavaScript remains one of the world’s most widely used coding languages. According to Web Technology Surveys, an estimated 98% of all websites use some form of JavaScript-based client-side web application development.

One reason JavaScript is still a valuable coding language is that it has continued to evolve with technological changes. Developers often use JavaScript for web servers, dynamic web applications, mobile applications, and games.

Globally, JavaScript is the most popular coding language hiring managers look for in a programmer candidate, according to a survey by HackerRank. The $100,000 average yearly salary of a Javascript developer in the United States reflects how much this coding language is in demand.


An open-source, higher-level language, Python was developed in 1991 and has since become one of the world’s most popular coding languages, used by such premier platforms as Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Easy to learn and understand even for those with no previous programming language background, Python is used in AI and machine learning, among other functionalities. In fact, the applications reach almost every modern industry that relies on technology.

An entry-level Python programmer earns around $90,000 annually, but more experienced programmers can earn significantly more.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a powerful, higher-level coding language designed to access, use, and manipulate databases. SQL can also retrieve new data, create and update records, and set permissions, among other functionality.

Because SQL is such a powerful coding language, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recognizes SQL as the standard language used for communication between relational databases.

Companies such as Accenture, Microsoft, and LinkedIn use SQL for data analysis and management.

SQL is not open-source but a relatively complicated programming language to learn and navigate. Programmers using SQL as their primary coding language can expect to earn between $81,259 and $101,124.

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coding languages are the building blocks of technologyReleased to the public in 1995, Ruby is now one of the most in-demand languages globally. A highly portable and versatile open-source language, Ruby continues to grow and develop, supported by a robust community of dedicated coders.

Programmers use Ruby for back-end development, such as web server creation, web scraping, data processing, and automation. Ruby is also ideal for front-end development, and programmers commonly use it when developing mobile apps.

Ruby programmers can expect to earn between $85,438 and $113,142 depending on experience, and the yearly salary of the highest level Ruby programmers can get as high as $175,000.


Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is an open-source language, much like other mainstream programming languages. A supportive online development community has published a vast library of resources to help programmers learn and advance their PHP skills.

While programmers typically use PHP to develop web servers and embed systems within HTML, they also use the language for machine and deep learning, web and mobile app development, and other sophisticated projects.

While PHP is popular and adaptable, PHP programmers tend to earn less than those focusing on other coding languages, with salaries that range from $61,251 and $78,879.


Developed in 1972, C is the patriarch of modern coding languages. The fact that C is still viable is a testament to the power and flexibility of the language. C can power operating systems, dynamic web applications, mobile platforms, and other applications. Programmers can also use C to implement machine learning algorithms.

With its widespread use in supporting business applications, C will be a popular language for the foreseeable future.

A C programmer’s yearly salary is also impressive, typically ranging from $88,861 to $110,671.

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