The current demand for database developers can not be understated. There is a large amount of accumulated data that needs to be organized into useable information and this information is extremely valuable to companies as they try to better understand how they can meet and anticipate the needs of their consumers. An already high demand coupled with all of the information that has still yet to be gathered leaves many open opportunities for those who want to work in the world of database developers. It is this unexplored frontier of data that companies will need to harvest to survive the future of business.

The question is: Do you want to work with databases?

If the answer is yes, you’re in luck, as job opportunities and security for database developers look strong for the foreseeable future. But as the scope of data and databases is vast, it’s important to drill down what you really want to do with databases. Are you looking to be on the administration side or the development side? Or maybe you’re not quite sure just where you stand? If it’s the latter, don’t worry we can help! Ask yourself the following questions for some guidance on the perfect career path for you:


1. Are you detail-oriented? (this isn’t an interview, so don’t feel pressured to say yes if you aren’t)

a. Yes

b. Never

c. Most of the time

d. I was one time, but it’s been a while

2. Do you like creating things?

a. It’s my favorite

b. Not particularly

c. Most of the time

d. Yes, but not really at work

3. How do you handle the pressure?

a. I thrive

b. It stresses me out

c. I don’t mind it if I have the power to fix it

d. I shut down (again, not an interview, be honest with yourself)

4. Does project management sound like a fulfilling occupation?

a. No

b. I’d love to feel like I was running the show

c. Never thought about it, so I don’t think

d. If it weren’t my sole responsibility, I wouldn’t mind it

5. How do you approach problems?

a. I can create a system to fix this

b. Let’s solve it like a puzzle; we have the missing piece

6. How do you feel about new data?

a. I want to harness it

b. There is a lot to organize

c. I’d love to find a way to organize it so it was useful

d. I’d like to analyze it, but maybe not sort through it all

7. When you think of a new application, you think…

a. I want to teach people how to use it

b. I’d love to use it

c. What does the company need it to do and how can I make that happen

d. I’d like to manage it

8. What excites you the most about databases?

a. The opportunity to make them better

b. The opportunity to manage them

c. The opportunity to build one from scratch

d. The opportunity to help coworkers use and/or understand them

Okay, time to tally up your answers:

  • Mostly A’s or C’s, Database Developer may be perfect for you
  • Mostly B’s or D’s, Database Administrator may be more up your alley

Think over your answers to these questions and use this to start deciding what career opportunities you need to search for so that you can create the career you’ve always wanted. For a head start on searching, visit our Career Search page! Or if there is a question we can answer for you, let us know!

Now, companies…

While that previous quiz was focused on employees, we didn’t forget about you! We have a question for you too:

Do you need to hire one or more  to work on your database?

Most likely, the answer is yes, so the question then becomes what kind of database worker do you need? If you’re unsure, let us help! Ask yourself the following questions to gain some insight on what position you should fill or who you should be looking to hire in order to meet your company’s needs:


1. Do you have a database in place?

a. No

b. Yes

c. Yes, but it’s old

d. Yes & no. No one knows how to use it.

2. Does your database need improvements?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Not sure, it is old though

d. Just small ones

3. Do you have someone building your database?

a. No

b. We don’t need one built

c. That’s what we are looking for

d. Someone is working on it

4. Do you have someone who manages or monitors access and other similar actions to the database?

a. Yes

b. No

c. We just hired someone

d. We used to, but they have now left our company

5. Do you need a new database?

a. Yes

b. No

6. Would you say the work someone will be doing requires an elevated level of attention to detail?

a. Yes, definitely

b. No

c. Not 100% sure, but probably more than average

d. Not more than what we want all our employees to have

Now, time to tally up your answers:

  • Mostly A’s & C’s, it sounds like you need a Database Developer
  • Mostly B’s & D’s, you probably need a Database Administrator

Hopefully, this will help you figure out what your needs are as a company so that you can start searching for the solution. We encourage all companies to talk about their hiring needs with GTN before hiring database developers to make sure they find the right candidate for their company, not only skill-wise but culturally too! Let us know how we can help your company become more successful at hiring the right people for the right positions!

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