Employees Feel Valued When Their Employers Treat Them Like People, Not Job Descriptions

In today’s highly competitive job market, tech companies need to make their employees feel valued to retain top talent. Tech employees who believe that their employer appreciates their work, the effort they put in, and their contributions to the team are far more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and stick around.

According to a survey by business consulting firm O.C. Tanner, 79 percent of people who quit their jobs cited “lack of appreciation” – not insufficient compensation, as some may suppose – as their primary reason for leaving.

But keeping star tech workers in the fold is only one of the many benefits to employers of making employees feel valued. Recognizing and acknowledging employees’ contributions increases their engagement, motivation, creativity, and productivity. This translates into better bottom-line results and a greater return on investment for employers.

Here are five ways for tech companies to make employees feel valued:

Call Out The Positive, Not Just The Negative

Studies have shown that people are more likely to post online reviews after a bad experience than a good one. Too often, that same dynamic occurs in the workplace. Supervisors may be quick to point out subpar performance or deficiencies in an employee but not show the same attention to growth, accomplishments, or just plain good work. Recognize what your employees are achieving each day and call out outstanding contributions. Using the simple phrase “thank you” can make it clear to employees that their work is not going unnoticed.

Reward Exceptional Performance

GTN-acknowledging accomplishments makes employees feel valuedAs meaningful as a “thank you” may be to an employee, a more substantial and tangible reward can exponentially multiply an employee’s sense of value within your organization. There are many ways to accomplish this. By establishing a rewards program based on specific performance targets, handing out gifts on an ad hoc basis, or presenting employees with plaques and gift cards, you will undoubtedly receive positive feedback as your employees feel valued by their managers and peers.

Listen To and Acknowledge Your Employees’ Opinions and Concerns

Leadership consulting expert Barry Banther stated, “There are few moments that make us feel more valued as a person than when we believe someone is genuinely listening to us.” Yes, people like to be heard, and that includes your employees. Employees want to know that their interests, concerns, and goals matter to their employers. Because this is a personal viewpoint, each employee will have different thoughts about what matters to them, what troubles or concerns them, and what they want to get out of their job.

Take the time to listen to your employees. Pay attention to what they are telling you, what they are not telling you, and what they are telling each other. By understanding what they like and don’t about their current work environment, including their responsibilities, colleagues, and even their managers, you can make adjustments to ensure your employees feel valued, content, respected, and motivated. Set up individual meetings with your top performers and encourage open communication without fearing negative consequences or reprisal. Listen carefully and make sure that each employee’s concerns are also yours.

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Help Employees Grow

You hire employees for a specific position. But most talented and driven tech workers don’t see their current job responsibilities as the culmination of their career journey. Of course, they want to do an excellent job in their current roles, but they also want to expand their skill sets and otherwise grow professionally. Career development opportunities are the most crucial feature that top tech employees look for in an employer. Establish and promote a culture that encourages continuing education and provides chances to expand hard and soft skill sets.

Show Your Employees That They Are More Than Just Your Employees

Employees are not statistics, checked-off items on a to-do list, or performance targets. They are individuals with lives, interests, and obligations beyond their job responsibilities. Treat them that way. Show interest in who they are, not just what they do. Be responsive and flexible when they ask for an accommodation to deal with responsibilities or issues outside the workplace. Remote work and flextime policies that allow employees to do their jobs while also attending to other matters are great ways to show that you understand and respect your IT professional’s need for work-life balance.

Focus on Making Your Employees Feel Valued and Leave Recruiting New Employees to the Experts

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