How To Make Your First Day a Great Day

Your first day of work in a new job or new company is the start of a fresh chapter in your IT career story. But as excited as you may be to walk in that front door (or log in, as the case may be) for the first time as an employee, you may also be a bit nervous. Chances are that you do not know any of the people you’ll be working with and for. You likely don’t understand company policies, systems, or procedures (written and unwritten). You may even need directions to find the bathroom or get a cup of coffee.

What you do know, however, is that this is your only chance to make a good first impression.

While the uncertainty and learning curve that are inherent parts of the first day of work may give you butterflies, there are things you can do to make the day successful and productive while also helping you settle into your new job.

Here are five things that will make that first day of work the best day possible:

Dress The Part

Long before “business casual” became the norm for offices of all kinds, the tech industry was leading the exodus away from suits, ties, and dresses towards a more comfortable dress code. But every company is unique, and every office may define “casual” differently. While you might fit in at one company by showing up in shorts and sandals, that look may make you look like a slob at another.

Try to learn the expectations regarding clothes before your first day of work and select an appropriate but unassuming outfit to wear that day. If you don’t know the office dress code before you head in, err on the side of more formal instead of more casual.

Get Your Timing Right

The easiest – and earliest – way to mess up your first day of work is to show up late. That is the cardinal sin of the first day. You may want to ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your new office, but you may not be familiar with the best way to get there or how long the average commute may be.

gtn first day of work rule 1 - dont be late!

Before your first day, either do a test run to gauge the time it takes to get to your office from home or use apps like Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps. Chart the best course and learn about typical traffic conditions, bus or train schedules, and other factors that may impact your commute. Remember that accidents, traffic jams or other delays may happen on your first day and give yourself plenty of time to get there.

Do your best to arrive 10 minutes early on your first day so you can transition from the headache of a busy commute and get your head ready for the day ahead.

Be Ready For Anything On Your First Day of Work

There is no universal onboarding process for new employees. No doubt, there will be paperwork to complete and plenty of things to learn, but you need to prepare for anything and everything beyond that. Your first day of work may be relatively quiet, as you are left alone to read orientation materials or set up your desk and computer.

But some supervisors and tech companies have a trial-by-fire approach and will assign you work and projects from the get-go. Assuming your first day will be easy could be a huge mistake. Instead, be ready to hit the ground running.

Ask Questions

Every person you meet on your first day of work also had a first day of work at your new company. That means they know how you feel and understand that there is a lot you don’t know about your workplace and will likely be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Many tech companies prioritize mentoring new hires, matching them with a co-worker or manager with whom they can have an open dialog and ask questions that they otherwise may be too shy to ask.

Feel free to ask questions of your superiors or supervisors and co-workers. But make sure to pay attention to the answers you get, so you don’t have to ask twice.

Be Friendly

You’ll be spending a lot of time surrounded by your new colleagues. They will depend on you, and you will depend on them. While you may not be interested in having a friend at work, you certainly want to have positive and pleasant relationships with them. Even if you are a little shy or introverted, being friendly and outgoing on your first day as you make the rounds will help you make connections as you meet your new work family.

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