So you think you want to work in computer sciences, but are concerned about the future of the computer science career field. It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but you don’t really know where to start. Here are some tips to understanding how to get into this industry and stay there.

By the Numbers

  • You have the potential to make over double the national average. According to the BLS, software developers earn around $105,000 per year, and computer programmers earn around $84,000 per year. Sounds great, right?
  • The companies you work for can be big or small, ranging from 10 employees to over 500.
  • The industry is growing faster than people are being trained. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), by 2026, Computer Science employment will grow by 13%.
  • So now is a perfect time to get into this industry

Getting into the Computer Science Career Field

If you are reading this, you probably got, or are working on, a bachelor’s and/or Masters’s degree in Computer Science. The term Computer Science can mean so many different things. Therefore, with this degree, your next job could be a…

Even within these, each company will have certain roles and needs that are in high demand, it’s just a matter of finding the one that is mutually beneficial for both you and the company. 

Do you still want to work with software, even if you don’t have a Computer Science degree?

If you didn’t go to school for Computer Science, that is probably something you should think about, especially for your Master’s degree! Even if your bachelor’s degree isn’t in Computer Science, having a combination of degrees can make it easier to specialize in an industry you are passionate about. 

If you don’t have a Computer Science background, fear not, there is still hope, but only if this is something you are extremely passionate about. This is a rapidly changing industry, so it is possible for you to join community forums and receive technical training and certifications to become a valuable team member in the workplace. 

Most candidates GTN works with, have at least 2 years of industry experience and usually, it’s with the same company. If you are able to gain real-world experience and receive specific software training, you may be just what a company is looking for. If your background mirrors their needs, then it could be a perfect fit!

Staying in the industry

Don’t think that just because you have both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, you’re home free. Because the computer science career field is changing so much, the best candidates and prospective employees have made continuing education a hobby. 

The more you know, the more indisposable you become to a company. It also gives you a greater opportunity to be a leader within the company and change the operating procedures that are utilized every day. 

Having this drive to learn more would be great for a project manager or database developer. These roles tend to have the most people interaction and are designed for go-getters. 

The bottom line is, that anyone who is an expert in software can find a place where their knowledge is highly valued.

And no matter what your path has looked like to get to the point you are at now, with the right amount of hard work and dedication, you can find your place in the software field.

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