A Rough Year, But a Whole New World of Gift Ideas for Remote Tech Employees

Coming up with holiday gift ideas for remote tech employees will be a little different this year.  For folks who used to spend their days in offices and cubicles, the adjustment to working from home was a dramatic and disruptive transition. But the location change is also one that opens up a whole new world of gift-giving opportunities, as remote employees enhance their home office infrastructure and environment to make themselves more comfortable, focused, and productive.

As you make your holiday list for all of the good tech boys and girls in your workplace, here are six suggestions for what to put in their stockings.

Fun Do-Not-Disturb Signs

When you share your home office in Dallas, Phoenix, and nationwide with a homeschool, a home daycare center, a home cafeteria, and your significant other’s home office, interruptions are hard to avoid. But alerting your kids and other housemates that they need to keep away while you’re in that Zoom meeting or just focusing on your work can minimize the unwanted distractions. Look online for fun and creative “Do-Not-Disturb” signs that tech employees can hang on their door or outside their workspace to keep others at bay.

Headset and Webcam Upgrades as Gift Ideas for Remote Tech Employees

When virtual meetings and teleconferences were fewer and farther between, employees could get away with subpar microphones, speakers, and webcams. Now that their ability to clearly and effectively communicate with colleagues relies almost entirely on these vital tech accessories, providing workers with higher-quality upgrades is a win for them as well as for your company overall.

Bring the Breakroom to Them

Being the excellent information technology employer you are, you know doubt stock your breakroom with the finest coffee, tea, and other beverages to keep your workforce energized, happy, and productive. While folks may not be able to gather around the watercooler when they work from home, you can still ensure your tech employees have beverages and snacks to help them make it through the day. Consider buying them artisan coffee, healthy and gourmet snacks, and accouterments like a cool mug or water bottle they can keep at their desk.

Enhance Their Desk

Like most employees, tech workers like to add personal touches to their office workspaces and desks, whether pictures of loved ones, souvenirs and mementos, or fun pen caddies and other accessories. Now they may need the desk basics they may have taken for granted when their employers provided such things.

A new desk lamp, desk or wall calendar, file organizer, or wireless charger are all welcome additions to a home workspace. If you want to splurge, think about buying a new monitor as a gift idea for remote tech employees.

Bring Some Nature Home

One of the best and simplest gift ideas for remote tech employees in Dallas, Phoenix, and across the nation comes from nature. Smaller, easy to care for plants can do wonders for a workspace and bring a sense of well-being to those who otherwise spend most of their time staring at a screen. Not only do plants purify the air, but a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology concluded that a houseplant in the workplace can increase worker productivity by 15 percent.

The Gift of Wellness

Staying healthy and fit – both physically and mentally – has been one of the bigger challenges of working from home. But a workforce’s well-being directly impacts a company’s performance. Gifts that encourage remote tech employees to keep themselves in shape will help keep your business in shape as well.

Wellness gift ideas for remote tech employees include gym memberships, gift certificates for fitness or yoga classes, fitness trackers, or exercise equipment.

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