How To Make Your Tech Job Postings Pop

Great tech candidates typically know their skills and talents are in high demand, especially with a tight labor market and an ever-expanding IT industry. That means top-tier tech professionals looking for new opportunities won’t be looking to settle. When they start perusing job listings, they are likely to gloss over generic, vague, or uninspiring descriptions.

Instead, their focus will be on postings that appear to speak to their priorities, offer the pay, perks, pay, and possibilities they seek, and stand out as they scroll through page after page of job openings.

That is why IT companies that want to attract the best tech candidates need to spend the time and effort to craft compelling job postings. They need to go beyond a description of job responsibilities and required skills and create a compelling narrative that tells great tech candidates, “You should work here.”

Here are tips for tech employers on what they should include in their job postings to give them the best chance of attracting the IT rock stars they seek.

Opportunities for Career Advancement

Opportunities for career development and advancement are the most crucial feature that great tech candidates look for in a potential employer. A recent LinkedIn survey found that 59% of employees join a company because it offers them more avenues for growth and advancement.

Accordingly, your posting should emphasize a company culture that encourages and prioritizes continuing education and provides chances to enhance hard and soft skill sets. If applicable, mention any initiatives, such as programs for mentoring new hires and job-sharing, which help build agility, versatility, and complementary skills for those you hire.

Which Skills Are Required Versus Preferred

There is a big difference between required skills and desired skills when looking for great tech candidates. If you list everything you’re looking for as being “required,” you are likely to deter otherwise excellent and suitable candidates from applying because they can’t check off all of the “required” boxes, even when they can check off most of them. If you want to cast a wide net, be discerning between skills that are deal breakers and those that would be ideal.

Key Benefits and Perks

Money isn’t everything these days. Savvy candidates evaluating compensation packages and structures understand that salaries are only one part of the larger compensation picture. They recognize the value of a robust benefits package, generous leave policy, and valuable perks – and prioritize positions that offer more than the standard compensation.

Whether The Role Is Remote, Hybrid, or In-office

Several years ago, it was a reasonable presumption that a tech job meant coming into the office every day. That is no longer the case. Whereas most IT employees saw working from home as a luxury that they were grateful to have, the ability to work remotely, at least part of the time, is almost a baseline expectation today for tech workers, especially for the younger Millennial generation.

Great tech candidates want to know upfront how often, if at all, they will need to be in the office and what the company’s policies are regarding remote work and flex time.

What The Work Culture Is Like

The best candidates and employees want to be proud of where they work and feel fortunate to be there.

Companies that want to catch the attention of great tech candidates will promote a supportive, collegial, inclusive, and creative company culture. By discussing how your company is doing that in your job posting, you are telling candidates that a positive work culture is as essential to you as it is to them.

What Your Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts Entail

gtn great tech candidates look at social responsibilityClosely related to developing an attractive company culture is your business’ focus on corporate social responsibility. This involves a clear commitment and affirmative steps to address diversity, equity and inclusion, environmental responsibility and sustainability, and good corporate citizenship generally.

Great tech candidates pay attention to the social responsibility efforts of their future employers through traditional channels, like news agencies, and the more recent emergence of social media.

Because they want to avoid association with a company with a bad social reputation, more and more tech workers include a potential employer’s efforts for social responsibility as part of their calculus when evaluating different opportunities.

A Clear Call-to-Action On How to Apply

If you want the best candidates to apply for a position, make it as easy as possible for them to do so. The harder you make the application process, the greater chance that some pretty great tech candidates will lose interest in the position.

So ensure your postings include a clear call to action that encourages people to take the next step and explains exactly how to apply.

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