You Don’t Have to be in the Office to Have Access to a Great Work Environment

With so many employees making the transition to remote work, a comfortable home office has become a top priority for many. Luckily, you do not need to be a tech or design expert to build your ideal home office. If you can successfully create a home office that you enjoy, it will not only provide a sense of accomplishment but will also lead to increased productivity throughout the workday.

The most important factor in creating your perfect “work from home” setup is comfort. It has become increasingly more common over the past few years to see companies allow a totally remote work experience for their employees. If you plan on spending 40 hours a week in your home office, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment is imperative.

Here are four tips to consider when creating your perfect home office.

1. Pick the Perfect Spot in Your House

The first, and possibly the most important step to creating your home office is to pick where in your home your office will be. A room with plenty of space and access to an abundance of natural light makes for a great location to create your dream office oasis. Natural sunlight will help you stay energized and can help maintain a positive mood throughout the day. Try aiming for a room with plenty of windows to set up your remote workspace.

In addition to natural light and space, having a quiet office where you can limit distractions and maintain focus makes for a quality location. If you live alone, obviously finding a quiet place is not very difficult. Even if you live in a house with your family or roommates, do your best to find a spot in your home where there are limited distractions.

2. Make It Fit Your Needs

Everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to office space. So remember to focus on specifics that you need to complete your dream home office. There is no reason why you can’t bring some of the best aspects from your companies office into your own home setting.

One of the biggest “must-haves” for a lot of offices are ergonomic desk chairs. Having an ergonomic chair will help with posture, help improve productivity, and limit any discomfort that can stem from sitting for long periods at a time. Having a chair that is versatile will come in handy when battling through your daily Zoom burnout.

Not only is it critical to have a comfortable chair, but it is also essential to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home if you plan on spending your workdays there. Depending on your location, the winters can feel frigid while the summers can feel scorching. Installing a new central A/C unit or perhaps a new heating system will certainly help you stay cool in your home office during the hot summer months and warm during the long winter months. This can be a pricey installation to add to your new home office, so make sure you’re covered with a home warranty. This policy covers natural wear and tear to your new HVAC systems while covering the cost of any repair or replacement work that would need to be done in the future.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Adding some personal flair is a great way to spruce up your office and make it your own. Incorporating some personal items such as pictures of family and friends will not only look good, but they could provide some pleasant inspiration throughout your day.

Interior decorating plays a large role in creating a home office that you enjoy spending time in. One of the biggest aspects of redecorating is painting. If you choose to re-paint your home office, there are plenty of colors that look great and can also help out with productivity.

Painting is a very cost-effective way to give a room an entirely new look. With so few materials needed, it is a very easy and quick DIY project that you could take on. Or you could hire a painter to come in if you want a more professional look.

4. Maximize Your Space

Not everyone has access to a large space to build their dream home office in. Sometimes you have to maximize a smaller space you have available. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique and achievable ways to make the most out of a smaller office space.

Utilize the space you can in the most organized fashion possible. There are plenty of desk options that have extra room for a computer or laptop as well as drawers that can double as some additional storage and help keep your area organized. Take advantage of unused wall space and mount a floating desk or wall cupboards and shelves and utilize the extra floor space with some organizational accessories like filing cabinets.

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