Here’s What You Should Have in Your IT Toolbox in 2021

The IT skills in demand ten years ago – five years ago, even – are not necessarily the same skills that will make you a sought-after technology professional today. Advances should come as no surprise in an industry where unrelenting transformative change is the standard operating procedure.

Therefore, enhancing and expanding skillsets should be the standard operating procedure for IT professionals as well. The ability to keep pace with evolving technology and changing roles is what separates those who will see their careers propelled forward and those who stagnate in inertia.

If you want to make yourself the most marketable IT professional you can be, consider building your competence and experience in these 10 IT skills in demand right now:

1. Artificial Intelligence Skills

The number of products, systems, and industries integrating and relying upon artificial intelligence (AI) is growing exponentially. IT professionals should develop their knowledge of data engineering and the programming languages, including natural language processing (NLP), that form the foundation of AI.

2. Cloud Computing Skills

Cloud computing was seeing steady and significant growth for years before the events of 2020. The expansion of remote work and the need to reduce capital expenses that it caused, only further cemented cloud computing’s place at the center of business operations across industries. IT pros should arm themselves with essential cloud computing skills, such as configuration, deployment, security for cloud services, management, and troubleshooting.

3. Machine Learning Skills

To grow their machine learning skill set, technology professionals should focus on the fundamentals behind machine learning and finding patterns in data, including software engineering, system design, computer science fundamentals, and programming.

4. Data Science Skills

Data is everything. But data only has value if organizations can interpret, organize, understand, and use that information in ways that facilitate change and create better services and products. Hence, the ability to decipher raw data and transform it into usable, comprehensible feedback proves absolutely essential. Learning to work with SAS, R, Python, and other programming languages are data science skills that will serve IT professionals well.

5. Cybersecurity Skills

Every day it seems the news contains a story about yet another hack, data breach, ransomware attack, or other cybersecurity failures. Having cybersecurity skills in your toolbox, such as risk assessment, identification, management, and remediation can make you a valuable commodity as organizations spend more time and effort building their defenses against these existential threats.

6. Big Data Skills

Big data enables companies to analyze vast amounts of information so they can make optimal business decisions. Big data-related IT skills in demand this year include effective problem-solving skills, data handling proficiency, and an understanding of programming languages.

7. Soft Skills

Technical aptitude is indispensable for technology professionals, but so too are the skills that facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and a positive working environment. Building your “soft skills” and emotional intelligence can make you even more effective and impactful when you deploy your prodigious technical knowledge. Empathy, active listening, adaptability, and well-developed communication skills are of increasing importance to tech job employers as they evaluate candidates.

8. Data Analytics Skills

An IT pro that is well-versed in data analytics can examine raw data and reach conclusions that enable companies to get better business results. As a top IT skill in demand in 2021, data analytics skills include those that apply to other items on this list, such as machine learning, SQL, and language programming.

9. Mobile Application Skills

Companies increasingly use mobile app solutions to expand their customer reach and foster enduring consumer relationships and loyalty. Understanding application programming interface (API) development platforms and cross-platform app development frameworks enable IT professionals to help organizations develop mobile apps.

10.   Virtual Reality Skills

According to many industry analysts, virtual reality (VR) is primed for explosive growth in the next five years. Software engineering skills and working knowledge of 3D tools and sound can help technical professionals play a role in this expanding sector.

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