How To Keep Your Chin Up, Keep Perspective, and Keep Moving Forward

“I love and enjoy all the time I spend conducting a job search in tech,” said no one ever. The fact is that looking for a new tech job can be a mentally and emotionally taxing experience. The longer a job search in tech goes on, the easier it is to become frustrated and forlorn and the harder it becomes to stay motivated. 

If you find yourself struggling a bit as your ongoing job search in tech just keeps on a-going, here are some tips to enhance your efforts, keep your spirits up, and increase the chances of getting the offer you want sooner rather than later. 

Learn To Accept Rejection and Crickets

Nobody likes rejection, whether personally or professionally. While some job hunters may strike gold with one application, most individuals will face rejections during the process, or in some cases, will hear nothing at all after applying for a position in the tech industry. When that “no” or nothing comes, the feeling of rejection can sting. When you hear the same response (or lack thereof) repeatedly, you may start to doubt yourself or wonder what the problem is. 

Remember, there could be many reasons why you didn’t get an interview or an offer that have nothing to do with you or your skills. Allow yourself to be disappointed but not discouraged. If you discover that you made a misstep like a typo in your cover letter, fix the issue and move on. 

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Get Into a Routine

For many people who are unemployed during their job search, the lack of a regular routine with things to do or places to go at set times can make it hard to motivate and get up in the morning. But developing and sticking to a daily routine can benefit your mental well-being, reduce anxiety, improve your outlook, and increase your confidence.

To help you maintain your job-hunting motivation, try to settle into a daily routine that enables you to find consistency, like getting up at the same time each morning, scheduling times to exercise or meditate, and having set times to work on job-search tasks.  

Get Off The Job Boards and On With Networking Opportunities

GTN-make networking part of your job search in techThere is no doubt that job boards are useful job search tools. Searching for and applying for jobs you find on the internet is a key component of any job search in tech. But for many people, scanning job boards isn’t just one part of their efforts; it’s the only part. That’s because sitting in front of your laptop scrolling through postings is easy and requires little in the way of action or risk (or actual human interaction for that matter).

But in most cases, limiting your job search in tech to checking out job boards alone won’t yield the results you want. For all of the talk of the roles algorithms and artificial intelligence play in the hiring process these days (both true), it is still people who make the decisions. People can connect you to other people who make the decisions. People can give you valuable insights and contacts. No algorithm or AI program can replace human interaction when you are looking for your dream IT job. 

So how can you expand your job search in tech? Network. Arrange for informational interviews. Connect with other job-seekers. Send a connection request to each person you interact with on LinkedIn. Get active in online networking communities populated with other IT professionals. Find a mentor, be a mentor. Not only will doing these things increase your odds of snagging that dream job in IT, but the conversations and interactions you have with other IT professionals will lift your spirits and help you feel less isolated. 

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Set Achievable, Realistic Daily Goals

At the end of the day, literally, most people like to feel like they’ve accomplished something. Whether your goals are sending out a certain number of applications, reaching out to specific people, working out, or raking the leaves, there is a real satisfaction that comes from crossing off something on your to-do list. 

Set small, measurable goals for yourself daily or weekly and hold yourself accountable for meeting them. 

Remember, This Too Shall Pass

When your job search in tech goes on for months, it can feel like it will never end. But remind yourself that, you will get a job that will bring your professional satisfaction and much-needed income. 

Keep perspective, keep moving forward, and keep your chin up. 

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