It’s a Long Way to the Top, But Programmers Who Build Influence Get There Quicker

A programmer who wants to become a sought-after talent who can write their own ticket is a programmer who builds influence. Establishing yourself as someone others in your company or industry turn to for inspiration, wisdom, and guidance proves to be no small endeavor. Building your reputation at your tech company takes time, commitment, savvy, and, of course, the technical skills and abilities needed for success in software or systems development. But when a programmer builds influence starting at the beginning of their career, it can make the journey from newbie to leader a much shorter one.

What Does it Mean for a Programmer to Build Influence?

Influence in your programming career is an intangible yet identifiable quality. Influence means that others listen to what you have to say, and that your co-workers respect your input and insights and act on them. This authority means that your voice, opinions, and talents matter to those you work for and with, as well as to the broader circle of individuals in your industry.

Why Should a Programmer Build Influence?

Simply put, influence equates to power. When your influence extends throughout your department, your company, and your industry, that impact puts you in the driver’s seat of your career. Others, including prospective tech recruiters and employers, will seek you out because so many others value and appreciate you.

When you feel like and are at the bottom of the ladder at the beginning of your career, it can be hard to see how you move from looking up to others to others looking up to you. But by developing and practicing some fundamental skills and practices, your influence will steadily grow.

Here are four ways a programmer can build influence early in their careers.

Build Your Communications Skills

You could have a game-changing and revolutionary concept, or even a modest but helpful suggestion, but if you can’t communicate effectively, your ideas will remain just that – ideas.

If you want people to listen to you – an indispensable element of influence – you need to know how to speak to them. Just as important, you need to learn how to truly listen to others. This dialogue, this exchange of information, and the respect that comes from treating people with respect can be the foundation of building your influence and increasing your effectiveness and marketability throughout your tech career.

Be Consistent and Reliable

At the start of your career, you are an unknown quality. Sure, your resume lists your impressive skills and background, and you aced your interview to get the job. But until you prove that you are dependable, that you will do what you say and mean what you say, you are unlikely to receive the increasing responsibilities that can advance your career.

Focus on executing your responsibilities effectively and on time. Be reliable, over and over and over again. Consistency and reliability will build trust, and trust builds respect. If people doubt your word or commitment, you may still become an influence; it’s just that you will become a bad one.

Add Your Two Cents

You may be new, but that does not mean you have anything to add to the conversation. Don’t be afraid to inject yourself into discussions and provide your opinions. Overcome any fear of embarrassment or rejection and put yourself out there. Joining conversations will allow others to get to know who you are and what you have to offer. People don’t ascend to positions of influence and leadership by being timid and staying quiet.

Demonstrate Your Commitment to Professional Growth

One of the best things you can do to build influence early in your tech career comes from consistently expanding your knowledge base and improving your skills. You aren’t much of an expert now, but as you broaden your horizons day after day, year after year, you can become one.

Immerse yourself in programming generally or your role specifically by regularly attending industry conferences, enrolling in classes or specialized programs, or assuming leadership roles in professional organizations.

Share what you’ve learned with your colleagues and superiors. Blog or write about the information and insights you acquire. These are public and visible signs of your determination and commitment to your programming tech career and your employer.

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