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Transforming the Transformers.

GTN is the GoToNetwork for sourcing, securing and managing cyber security talent at all levels, including CISO as a service, for Fortune 2000 companies. We provide scalable staffing for cyber security solutions encompassing SOW, staff augmentation, and direct hire placement for Fortune 2000 companies. Our cyber security recruiting team is specialized and certified, and our team has endured rigorous technical boot camps and accredited educational seminars.


  • Cyber Strategy
  • Corporate Transformations
  • Security and Governance
  • Cyber Defense / Cyber Response
  • Security GRC
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Technology Integration / International Program Delivery
  • Cyber Maturity / Compliance Assessments
  • Cyber Strategy Target Operating Model
  • Information Governance / Privacy
  • Security Operations / Security Analytics / Insider Threats
  • Incident Response Readiness and Planning
  • Digital Investigations and Remediation
  • Threat Intelligence

I have been running C-level technology events for over seven years all across the world. Of all the speakers and session leaders, Jodi Watkins, Christine Rook and her team at GTN were one of the best. As an industry expert in IT cybersecurity, especially when it comes to discovering the best IT cybersecurity talent, Jodi did a fantastic job kicking off our CIO Dallas Summit on October 11, 2018 in front of over 50 C Suite executives with a tremendous keynote focusing on the importance of talent retention, acquisition and development in the various industries. Jodi owned the room and established an environment conducive to engagement, discussion and great conversation. As an incredibly valuable asset and contributor to CDM Media events, we are sure to invite Jodi, Christine and the entire GTN team back every year.

GTN understands the IT Cybersecurity talent market and what it takes to successfully recruit and retain top IT talent.  I appreciate the process they follow to stay tucked into the market, and surface hard to find talent.

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