Stay Connected with Colleagues: Technology Can Keep Us Together While We’re Apart

When your desk sits feet away from a coworker, when you say “Hi” to folks passing in the hallway, or when you spend time eating lunch together or grabbing after-work drinks, it’s easy to stay connected with colleagues. But when a workforce works from home, maintaining the team cohesion that is so essential to a company’s success and employees’ job satisfaction can be a daunting task.

For all of the awfulness that 2020 has brought, we can at least be grateful that we live in a time when technology allows us to have ongoing communication and connection between employees who work miles or time zones apart. Leveraging that technology in positive and creative ways is the key to helping employees stay connected with colleagues.

Here are five ways that businesses can keep their workers in Dallas, Phoenix, and nationwide together while they are apart.

Virtual Coffee Breaks to Stay Connected with Colleagues

For many folks, grabbing that first cup of coffee in the office breakroom is essential for starting their workday. But it’s not just the caffeine that helps people get going. It’s the interactions with coworkers who get to catch up while they’re brewing their java or toasting their bagel.

Employers may want to set up a video chatroom link for employees to join in the morning before hunkering down for work. Those five or ten minutes spent shooting the breeze or sharing a laugh can be as energizing as a triple espresso.

Virtual Happy Hours

Relaxing with coworkers for after-work cocktails at the end of a long day or week is one of the many joys that the pandemic has put a damper on. But just because there’s no bartender pouring drinks doesn’t mean that colleagues can’t hang out and relax together over their favorite adult beverages. Whether it’s in a big Zoom group or just two coworkers getting together virtually, a virtual happy hour can create an excellent way for people to stay connected with colleagues in an informal, casual setting.

Host Virtual Fitness and Wellness Classes

Staying healthy and fit – both physically and mentally – has been one of the bigger challenges of working from home. But a workforce’s well-being directly impacts a company’s performance, and therefore, companies should take affirmative steps to encourage wellness.

Host classes, seminars, and workshops focused on employee wellness. Bring in nutritionists, trainers, and mental health experts to discuss the challenges employees face. Offer fitness classes accessible to employees of all abilities, and host virtual cooking classes featuring healthy and nutritious meal ideas.

Bring Out the Competitive Spirit

Most folks love games, competition, and winning. That’s why “gamification” became such a business buzzword. Leverage a workforce’s competitive spirit by setting up virtual games and challenges.

Trivia contents are popular and easy to put together using Zoom or Slack or similar platforms. Some professional trivia companies that usually host pub trivia contests have transitioned to doing the same thing virtually for businesses. Colleagues can compete individually or in teams.

Wellness challenges have proven to be an effective strategy for encouraging healthy habits and reducing illness among employees.

Establish and promote a variety of wellness and fitness challenges, with workers reporting their accomplishments and receiving rewards for participating or winning a given competition. These challenges can include:

  • Walking/steps challenges
  • Nutrition and diet challenges
  • Mindfulness and mental health challenges
  • Healthy habit challenges
  • Sleep challenges

Stay Connected With Colleagues by Connecting the Kids

Grown-ups aren’t the only ones feeling isolated from their colleagues during the pandemic. Kids miss their schoolmates as they learn from home while their parents try to get work done in the next room.

Many folks have had the embarrassing experience of an unwanted cameo appearance from one of their children during a videoconference or virtual meeting. Why not welcome them once in a while by connecting them with colleagues’ kids. If a meeting wraps up early, ask other participants if their kids want to chat with your kids and make new friends.

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