When Looking For The Best Tech Professionals, Look To The Professionals Who Are The Best At Finding Them

When your tech company needs to identify, attract, and hire top talent – and do so quickly – a technical staffing agency can help. Tech staffing companies like GTN offer recruiting expertise and resources that connect employers with the best candidates from around the country and the globe, streamlining the hiring process and making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Here is how a technical staffing agency can help you fulfill your workforce needs.

What is a Technical Staffing Agency?

One of the most significant challenges facing tech companies is finding, attracting, and retaining top IT talent. Smaller companies, in particular, may lack the time and resources to browse stacks of resumes, narrow that pile down to a small group of qualified interview candidates, and then choose the right person to fill the role.

But even large global tech companies may need help with talent acquisition. When Fortune 500 and greater businesses need employees with specific technical skills, their search may extend around the globe for suitable candidates. In such situations, big companies often reach out to a technical staffing company agency to assist them in their quest.

A technical staffing agency can help connect tech companies with IT professionals by working with both. The advantages of working with a technical staffing agency go both ways. Employers save time and money by having a recruiting agency do the legwork of finding the right people for open positions. Tech job seekers get the advantage of having that same agency push their resume forward toward companies looking to fill critical roles. This scenario results in a classic “win-win” situation.

4 Ways a Technical Staffing Agency Can Help Your Company With Hiring

Access To The Best and Broadest Candidate Pool

When tech companies look for talent on their own, whether through job postings or another outreach initiative, the pool of applicants is necessarily limited to those who see the posting and are actively looking for new opportunities.

A technical staffing agency, on the other hand, can cast a much wider net. That is because it has access to a vast pool of qualified candidates who have reached out to the agency to connect them to opportunities they may have missed in their own search.

Additionally, an agency’s talent pool may include IT professionals who may not be currently looking for a new position but might be a perfect fit for your needs.

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All tech talent searches involve narrowing the funnel of applicants to only those who, at least on paper, have the qualifications and experience needed for the position. Sifting through a mountain of resumes is burdensome and time-consuming for any HR department or hiring manager.

A technical staffing agency can help by pre-screening candidates and conducting preliminary screening interviews, saving your company time and money.

Tech Industry Expertise

Knowing what to look for in a tech job candidate requires knowing the tech industry, including the most in-demand skills, industry trends, best practices, and other nuances of this constantly evolving sector. A technical staffing agency can help your IT company because they have the industry-specific expertise to conduct the most effective and efficient searches and advise employers about how best to fill their open positions.

Reduce the Risk of Hiring The Wrong Candidate

The hiring and onboarding process for every new employee requires significant time and effort. Having gone through the long process to select and hire the right candidate, the last thing an employer wants is to do so again because the candidate is not the right fit for the position.

A technical staffing agency can help by thoroughly vetting candidates’ skills and talents. Because they understand the cultural fit of each employer – which is critical to employee retention – they can reduce the risk of a costly hiring mistake.

Why Choose GTN Technical Staffing for Your IT Recruiting Needs

A technical staffing agency can help you hire the best tech candidate – assuming you work with the right agency.

Tech companies count on GTN Technical Staffing to get the IT talent they need. Why? For four main reasons:

Global Resources: GTN Technical Staffing recruits quality tech candidates from all over the globe. The resources at our disposal ensure that you get the best, most qualified candidates for your business.

Expertise: As discussed above, recruiting the top tech candidates worldwide requires specific industry expertise. Our technical staffing experts can not only talk the talk; we can walk the walk.

Specialties: GTN has the reach to fill all professional tech services positions, and we specialize in cyber services, digital presence such as marketing and social media, and field services, including steady-state and depot management.

Proven Track Record: GTN has an unmatched record of success in connecting the top IT professionals with the best IT companies. Our results-driven approach can help your business assemble the outstanding tech team that will pivot you for success.

Are you ready to see how GTN can help you?? Speak with one of our technical recruiters today.