There is No Shortage of Helpful Technology Communities to Join

The most sought-after web developers know the best technology communities to join to help them achieve their career goals.  Such online communities offer countless opportunities to network, exchange ideas, expand skillsets, and boost their profile among other web developers.

If you want to up the ante in your developer career path, there isn’t a shortage of technology communities to join. The key is finding the one (or ones) that best match your interests and goals.

Here are nine key technology communities to join for web developers:


More than 65 million web developers share ideas, work together, ask questions, and build projects on GitHub. This real-time, collaboration-centric website is one of the most popular and authoritative technology communities to join, with more than 3 million organizations using GitHub and a repository of over 200 million resources. The GitHub Community Forum is a great place to contribute your thoughts and follow discussions on subjects of interest to you.

Stack Overflow

An open community and public platform for anyone who codes or wants to learn code, Stack Overflow sees over 100 million visitors every month. On Stack Overflow, you can ask questions and provide answers to others on an infinite number of web development and programming subjects. Visitors have asked over 21 million questions to date, and developers on the site obtained help from the Stack Overflow Collective over 50 billion times. By answering questions, you can build a reputation for your expertise as well as your generosity in helping others advance their careers, and may even find yourself a mentor to advance yours as well.

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HackerNews is a cybersecurity news site with a techy bend. Users share hundreds of articles on interesting and relevant technology topics every day. You can easily and instantly share articles that you write with millions of fellow developers who can then comment, provide feedback and engage with you on your work. HackerNews is one of the top technology communities to join to share your stories and get insights from other developers.


On Hackernoon, a community of over 15,000 tech professionals and more than three million tech enthusiasts can read, write, and publish technical articles internationally.

Leading tech companies such as Google, Apple, Adobe, Intel, Samsung, IBM, and Tesla share articles and insights on Hackernoon about hundreds of different topics from technology, coding languages, to cybersecurity, software, and decentralization.


Hashnode is one of our favorite recommendations for technology communities to join for web developers. This global community of developers and programmers is a platform to share ongoing projects, ask and answer questions, and stay connected to other tech professionals. One feature that we love is the ability to start your own blog on the site and promote your brand. But, if you value anonymity, the option to anonymously publish technical blogs or real-life development problems is also available. These posts can then be shared with all community members. Users can follow authors and tags such as Java, Python, React, JavaScript, CSS.

Technology Communities To Join For CodersFreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is a 100 percent free non-profit platform where tech professionals and enthusiasts alike can learn and practice coding. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have hired over 40,000 FreeCodeCamp graduates, who earn a free certificate for completing small projects at their own pace. The site contains thousands of videos, articles, interactive coding lessons, forums, and study groups to help people learn to code.

Women Who Code

Built to encourage and empower women in tech, Women Who Code has over 290,000 members who are experienced developers and programmers at every level of industry and every stage of their careers. Women can find coding resources, job openings, leadership opportunities, and events that can expand their skills and open up doors in the larger global development community.


CodeProject is one of the largest technology communities to join, with over 14 million tech professionals joining together to learn, teach, and have fun with coding projects. Community members from all over the world meet here to share free code, tutorials, and knowledge to help their fellow developers.

Digital Ocean

On the surface, Digital Ocean may appear to be another cloud computing resource company. But below the surface, Digital Ocean promotes a community of web developers supporting fellow developers through exchanging ideas and insights.  The site contains hundreds of tutorials and questions and answers to provide input from tech professionals all over the world.

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