Change is Inevitable in Technology Employee Expectations

Just like technology itself, technology employee expectations are constantly evolving. And just like tech employers need to adapt to new advancements or changes in the marketplace to stay competitive, they must also adapt to what today’s tech workers want and need to attract and retain top talent.

The shifts in technology employee expectations are the product of many things. First among those factors are generational differences. What Baby Boomers expect from their jobs and employers is different from what Generation Z considers important. Likewise, the experience and perspectives that Gen-Xers bring to the workplace are distinct from those of Millennials.

Generational change is nothing new; employers have dealt with various age groups in the workplace forever. But current technology employee expectations have also been shaped by the events of the past several years. The most prominent example is remote work. A few years ago, most IT employees saw working from home as a luxury that they were grateful to have if their employer gave them the option. Now, the ability to work remotely, at least part of the time, is almost a baseline expectation for tech workers.

Here are the top technology employee expectations for their employers in 2022:

Job Flexibility

As noted, offering tech employees the opportunity to work from home is no longer optional. If a tech company does not allow some flexibility about coming into the office, great candidates will look elsewhere, and current employees will look for greener pastures. If your company successfully transitioned to virtual work over the past few years, having a robust flex-time policy should not be disruptive or challenging. And doing so may be the key to attracting and retaining top tech talent.

Being Heard

Technology employee expectations also involve the desire to be heard. Tech workers want their interests, concerns, and goals to matter to their employers. In the modern, diverse workforce, companies need to be able to listen to a cacophony of voices sharing a variety of priorities, concerns, and career goals.

Pay attention to what your tech employees say to you and each other. By absorbing what they tell you about their current responsibilities, colleagues, managers, and work environment, you can take the steps needed to address their concerns and make them feel more respected and motivated. Check in with your employees from time to time to get their thoughts and encourage them to communicate openly and honestly without fear of negative consequences.

Opportunities For Growth and Advancement

GTN-technology employee expectations include career developmentOpportunities for career development are the most crucial feature that tech employees expect from their employers. A recent LinkedIn survey found that 59% of employees join a company because it offers them more avenues for growth and advancement.

Accordingly, create and promote a company culture that encourages and prioritizes continuing education and provides chances to enhance hard and soft skill sets. Establish cross-training practices and initiatives such as mentorship programs and job-sharing, which help build agility, versatility, and complementary skills in your team members.

A Culture To Be Proud Of

Creating a positive employee experience is more important now than ever. The competitive hiring environment in the IT industry means that companies must pay attention to their brand reputation to keep the best talent. No tech professional wants to be embarrassed or ashamed of where they work. They want to be proud of the company and feel fortunate to be there.

That involves creating a supportive, collegial, inclusive, and creative company culture. Establish and promote your company’s brand in the marketplace, the industry, and among tech professionals. Enhance your company’s presence at industry events and conferences and make your current employees ambassadors. They can share their perspectives about how wonderful it is to work at your company.

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Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Contemporary employees expect a workplace that respects, hires, and provides advancement opportunities for people from all backgrounds. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts must involve more than a statement on your company website or a small section in your employee handbook. Modern tech employees are savvy enough to distinguish between window dressing and a genuine commitment to a diverse workforce. Technology employee expectations are that your company values inclusiveness and creates an open, welcoming, and respectful environment, demonstrating this in standard policies and practices.

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