A tech headhunter frequently seeks out qualified women in their pool of technical staffing recruitment applicants. Software, Cybersecurity, Social Media Platforms, and Cloud Computing professionals are in high demand. However, females compromise only 20% of tech jobs in the US. As a result, many IT companies turn to tech headhunters to find ways to appeal to the female workforce.

As tech headhunters at GTN Technical Staffing, we are committed to investing in great applicants. And, we strive to match the best candidate with their ideal company. It’s proven that diversity promotes a healthy work environment and reflects the client base of an IT company more accurately than a monoculture.

If you’re a woman testing the IT career waters, here are some positive trends to give you hope.

Tech Headhunter: The Market for Women in IT is Not Oversaturated

As a culture, we utilize and rely on Information Technology. The demand for an IT workforce grows daily, and tech headhunters constantly search for qualified applicants.

Many tech companies recognize a need for women to bring a balance to their workforce. These companies hire tech headhunters to help recruit the “best of the best.” While a tech headhunter searches for the most qualified and compatible candidates, women stand out as there isn’t a large pool of female applicants to draw from.

In the 1980s, women were often at the forefront of the burgeoning IT field. Their numbers did not overpower the percentage of men in the field, but they held strong at 34% as opposed to 19% of women in IT positions now. (www.smallbiztrends.com

An excellent resume from a female candidate draws the attention of a tech headhunter because women do not dominate the field.

Women have Great Access to Hi-Tech Products

Melissa Schneider, VP of Marketing & Trends at Godaddy is excited about consumer accessibility to higher-end tech products. She thinks this trend can open more doors for women.

Costs continue to lower and hi-tech products become available to small businesses and individuals. Thus, women will find AI and analytics products more accessible and as a result, easier to learn. In the past, women might only have access to higher-end products if already in an executive position. Now, they can explore these products in their small business ventures or between the walls of their own homes.

Social media also offers opportunities for women to utilize their IT educations. Social Media Platforms are becoming more interactive, and many are the brainchildren of women.

Tech Sector Salaries Higher than National Average

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average US salary in 2019 is $46,800. Per Glassdoor, the average IT salary in 2019 is $85,582. That’s an 85% increase! In an ever-growing field, that statistic is promising.

Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Executive Tech Positions Pave the Way for Others

Many women currently sit in executive positions in the IT industry. According to Business Insider, from 2014-2019 the percentage of female Google executives rose from 20.8% to 25.5%. Ivy Ross, Bonita Stewart, and Jen Fitzpatrick all hold Google VP titles. 

And, this is true at other top companies as well. Rachel Mushwar is a VP at Intel and was named a “Top Industry Performer” by Women’s Wear Magazine. Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook and became the first female member of the Facebook board in 2012. Meg Whitman is the CEO of Quibi—a short-form mobile video platform. 

These women help draw attention to the disparity of men to women in IT-related fields. And by attaining their positions, help to pave the way for up-and-coming talent. This also allows new female members of the industry access to female mentors.

A tech headhunter is apt to recruit a woman with an exceptional background and stellar work ethic to allow other women to feel less daunted about entering the IT field.

Engaging Girls from a Young Age is Occurring Now More than Ever Before

If a tech headhunter recruits from a pool of recent college graduates, intricate school and extracurricular tech projects will balance a lack of job experience. Robotics and engineering courses are now offered in high schools, science “magnet” schools exist, and IT social media groups geared toward girls are growing. Thus, young girls now have a better chance to match the experience levels of their male counterparts. 

Social media groups such as Girls Who Code and Girls Develop It allow young women interested in IT to learn and grow with like-minded peers. These girls enter college with more than just an academic appreciation for technology.

Women desiring an IT career can view these trends as a sign of promise. This male-dominated field is beginning to find its gender-balance. And, tech headhunters are searching for great candidates. 

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