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As a leading Dallas IT staffing agency, we watch IT hiring, salary and business trends both in Texas and nationwide.  One of the bedrock values at GTN is helping employers and employees better understand and navigate the DFW metro area technology staffing needs and challenges.

In this post, we explore some expectations in IT recruiting for 2018 and beyond.

Away back in 2011, the country was still looking at staggering job losses—except in Dallas.  Why was that?  The fact of the matter is that a huge proportion of this nation’s technical companies call Dallas home—and they are some of the most innovative.  They just kept on coming up with new ideas and growing throughout the recession.  The story continues to this day and IT jobs in Dallas are rarely hard to find.

Job seekers suffering from “delusions of greatness” still struggled (as they always do), but those that were clever enough to exploit social networking developed their own inroads into the businesses.  Combined with business networking, such as LinkedIn, they were soon employed.

In an effort to help GTN Technical Staffing reach the next level of success and position the company for future growth, we are pleased to announce the following organizational changes:

Greg Smith will hold the position of President. Greg’s responsibilities include general management and oversite for the organization with specific responsibilities for finance, accounting and administration.

Jim Bright will hold the position of Chief Strategy Officer. In addition to providing executive oversite and guidance, Jim will also continue to develop and implement training programs designed to prepare and mentor the next generation of top performers and leaders of the GTN Team.

Neil Syken has joined the organization as Chief Executive Officer, providing executive direction for the organization with responsibility for the coordinated efforts of both the Sales and Recruiting teams. Neil will also be responsible for managing the satisfaction, welfare and ongoing relationships with our consultants, employees and clients.

Please join us in welcoming the new organizational structure as we prepare for a future filled with continued achievement and growth.

Prediction: Hot, and likely to get hotter. No, we're not talking about the weather (though it really sounds like Dallas, doesn't it?); what we're really talking about is the DFW job market.

Business expansions, and companies coming into our area for the very first time, resulted in about 100,000 new jobs last year.  Right now we have 2½ available jobs for every 1000 residents—that's higher than most major cities in our country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, and New York City.

Any psychologist will happily tell you that human beings are risk takers.  Given a choice between the status quo and a perceived advantage, we will make some effort to better ourselves.  

In studying simian culture, we discovered that apes, gorillas, and chimps all strive for advantage over their peers.  We even see active lies, misdirection, and deception to accomplish personal goals, proving that they are not simply human traits, but actually part of an intricate survival mechanism that ultimately benefits the whole group.

By the same token, we see instances of everything from group cooperation to accomplish difficult or complex tasks, to "Bad Boss" dominance of subordinates purely for self-aggrandizement. Anthropology, how human society works, has benefited greatly from the study of our hairy ancestors. It is wasteful to ignore what we have learned - especially when it comes to how it applies to technical jobs and how we can make or break a good working environment.

What it really takes

My favorite T-shirt reads: "Of course I don't look Busy…  I did the job right the first time!"  This is a distinction that a lot of people don't make. There is an immense difference between being busy and being productive at your Dallas IT job, and we need to stop fooling ourselves into believing they are one and the same.  

There are few things more aggravating to a productive employee than being obliged to "look busy.” This is especially true when you have important work to do that might be better served by simply sitting quietly and thinking. Your time to pause and reflect is very important—you can be extremely productive just “thinking."

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: People do not quit companies; they quit bad managers and bad supervisors. When faced with criticisms like "You have so much potential. You could accomplish so much more if you weren't always sitting around doing nothing!"—particularly when your production is three times anybody else in your position—it drives you one step closer to the exit.

TLDR; For those holding or working towards a bachelor's or associate's degree, or a postsecondary vocational award, historical totals and logical extrapolations are shown for the decade between 2008 and 2018. These are the careers with the most openings for technical disciplines.

  • Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software… 153,000 openings
  • Network Systems & Data Communications Analysts… 208,000
  • Computer Software Engineers, Applications… 218,000
  • Computer Systems Analysts… 223,000
  • Computer Support Specialists… 235,000

You may be familiar with the popular expression "If you could do it on your own, you would have done it already!" Whether it applies to debt repayment, weight loss, or smoking cessation, the whole idea of getting help with a demanding task is something that a good team player would embrace.

The top people in business, let alone IT, recognize that two people working together produce more than three people working individually. Synergy is a vitally important instrument in the IT toolbox, and people that are afraid to integrate with others are often a liability rather than an asset.

Onboarding and Orientation

A company goes to all the trouble of finding great employees, but then doesn't have a good process for getting them started. Within a month they are gone because they are feeling lost, unsupported, and confused. There must be a clearly defined path that makes sure that they're engaged and enthusiastic before they are released into the wild.

In truth, there are so many naturally occurring ways in which a situation can go sideways that it certainly doesn't need our help. For the most part we're focused on keeping things on track. However, every once in a while it seems like we make a special effort to sabotage ourselves.

We've all heard about the assorted teenagers that have tweeted thoughtless things about their jobs. A few of them have even made it to the mainstream media.

One young lady spoke of obtaining a job at a pizzeria and being faced with a long daily commute, and hating the work, despite the good paycheck. Another complained about how getting a job was going to "ruin her summer", and the place she was working was "colorfully described" as unpleasant.

In both cases the tweets were read by the employers that were following up on their "new hires". Neither gal got to work even one day at their new jobs.

But that's just Kids, you say…