What’s the Latest on the Dallas Technology Jobs Market?

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Saturday, 08 April 2017

Prediction: Hot, and likely to get hotter. No, we're not talking about the weather (though it really sounds like Dallas, doesn't it?); what we're really talking about is the DFW job market.

Business expansions, and companies coming into our area for the very first time, resulted in about 100,000 new jobs last year.  Right now we have 2½ available jobs for every 1000 residents—that's higher than most major cities in our country including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, and New York City.

Why is Dallas Leading?

Our unemployment rate is only 3.7% meaning that most people are working, have an income, and can spend money.  That means profit for the companies that do business here.  

Equally important we possess one of the country’s highest job growth rates at 4.1 percent.  Dallas has a significant number of Venture Capitalists looking to invest in new or expanding businesses.

Our cost of living is among the lowest of the big cities.  A shopping cart full of groceries would only have half as much in New York for the same money.  Utility costs are better; gas prices are below the national average; real estate prices are low with a median price of $197k; even the cost of a movie ticket is lower.  On the whole, Dallas is a good place to live and work.

What sort of jobs in the technology sector?

Speaking strictly of IT jobs we added more than 8,000 in 2015, but of course it doesn't stop there.  There is hardly a job available nowadays which doesn't incorporate modern technology.  Over the same period we added 5,600 healthcare jobs, and 5,100 manufacturing jobs, along with innumerable others.

More to Come

According to CBRE (Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis) Group Senior Vice President Clay Vaughan, while the San Francisco Bay Area may be leading the list of the top 50 U.S. and Canadian markets for technology, DFW is currently running second, and could supplant the SFBA in the near future.

Reasons North Texas may win this battle?  "Cost of living; cost of doing business; and ultimately, the ability to hire some of the best tech talent in the country",said Vaughn to NBC in DFW.

Last year there were 19,000 new graduates with technical degrees in the Dallas area, but meanwhile there were about 44,000 jobs for them to fill.  Obviously there's plenty of room to grow here.

What else about Texas' third largest city?

Tech employment in Dallas is 5% of the total!  There are plenty of jobs to be had, and wages are 70% higher than the national average.  

With everybody (and their dog) becoming interested in Big Data, the demand for data scientists is very high indeed.  Businesses need to know how to manage their Big Data and how to generate Business Intelligence and other actionable data from it.

Of course we will always need people with .Net expertise, and Network Engineers by the score, but the key thing to remember is that all industries are waking up to the fact that these petabytes (1015 bytes) of historical data that they have are useless if they remain uninterpreted.  If you're looking for an area of specialization, Data Science may just be your perfect answer.

The Takeaway

Dallas information technology staffing companies want to put you in the best possible place—somewhere that matches your talent, interest and abilities.  We don't find jobs for people—we find people for jobs.  Contact us today and we'll show you the possibilities! 

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