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If you ask a Dallas technical recruiter which IT jobs are the most coveted in the industry, most would agree that a job at Facebook, Google or LinkedIn is considered a “dream job”.  Just the prospect of being on the cutting-edge of the most talked-about new technologies would make any job seeker enthusiastic.  But are these companies as wonderful as everyone says they are? 


Until recently, I never realized how many different opinions there were in the marketplace about technical recruiters, or for that matter, any type of recruiter.  In my own personal experience, a good technical recruiter has always been the best way to find technical jobs in Texas, but perhaps I was lucky enough to be working with the right staffing agency.  After reading the responses that were given to a LinkedIn member, who asked “what it takes to become the best technical recruiter”, I could see how many candidates and employers were jaded by experiences with recruiters. 


Are you a technical professional looking for a new job in the Dallas metropolitan area?  Then chances are you’ve been frustrated by the whole job search process.  Looking at the number of technical jobs posted in the region, one would expect the process to run smoothly, but the competition for Dallas jobs in technology is fierce.  Instead of sending resumes blindly through area job boards, or working with “generalist” recruiters, many IT professionals have been successful with specialized technical recruiters.

You can tell it’s been a tough two years in the Dallas IT jobs market when even the most qualified candidates are coming up empty-handed.  So it’s easy to see why so many technical recruiters like me are very busy trying to find the right fit for the best people in our database. One thing that surprises me is how many resumes come into our offices that look as if they were written by an 8th grader.  Another shocker is how many of these candidates think their resume is terrific. 

In an economy that is floundering one minute, then recovering slowly, hiring managers responsible for Dallas jobs in technology may not feel confident bringing in new talent. Many of them will try to get by with the staff they already have, and add contract workers for short-term projects.  However, if you stay current with the constant changes in the industry, it may be easier to find your niche.    

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

GTN Now Provides Global Services

We are proud to announce that GTN Technical Staffing has successfully expanded its reach internationally.  We have located and hired consultants for global clients in Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, and Brazil.   Be sure to contact us for your IT staffing needs, whether they be global or domestic!