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Stand Out, Get Noticed, and Be Exceptional

  • 1901—Bill Harley & Art Davidson—Harley Davidson
  • 1923—Walt Disney—the Disney Empire
  • 1939—Bill Hewlett & David Packard—Hewlett–Packard
  • 1974—Tony Maglica—Mag Instruments (MAGLIGHT)
  • 1976—Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak—APPLE
  • 1994—Jeff Bezos—AMAZON
  • 1998—Larry Page and Sergey Brin—GOOGLE

What do all these businesses have in common? Aside from being insanely successful, they all began in garages. There are hundreds of other examples where companies did very well from very modest beginnings.

We treat the Maker Phenomenon as if it's something new, and unique to this generation. It's not. Henry Ford "made" the first commercially successful car, because he "made" the assembly line into a viable industrial process, and by necessity, "made" the concepts of Materials Handling and Supply Chain Management work together.

The modern Maker has so many incredible tools right at hand. Tiny computers like the open source Arduino boards/modules, or the ARM-based 64-bit Raspberry Pi 3, incredible new Smart Materials that can do things no one has ever seen before, 3D printers capable of creating precision designs in assorted polymers, cellulose (wood), numerous metals, and even biological cells, are all making creativity easier.

A few months back, this blog featured an article about technical jobs and their availability in Dallas, which was a hot topic at the time because Rick Perry had just announced his candidacy for President. But since then there has been much debate about which sectors of the Texas economy have seen the best growth since the beginning of the year.  Perry’s opponents on the Republican stage will claim that 40 percent of the new jobs in Texas are being filled by illegal aliens, while others will claim that Dallas and Austin are the new “magnet cities” for technical companies.  So which of these is true?

If you’re like most Information Technology (IT) job seekers, you dream about working at one of the fastest moving U.S. technology companies, like Facebook, Google or Apple.  But with nearly 15 million Americans looking for work, it’s hard to imagine what it takes to find your dream job at one of these employers.  Surprisingly, some of the best companies to work for are facing a talent shortage, especially in some of the top IT positions.  While there may be plenty of workers available, few of them possess the skills to meet the highly specialized needs of Silicon Valley.

If you have been in the Dallas job market for awhile, you may be wondering why it’s taking so long to land one of those coveted IT jobs in Dallas.  After getting a degree in information technology or computer systems design and then spending a few years gaining experience, you should be able to get the new job you’ve always wanted, right?  Well, there is good news for Dallas technical job-seekers.

According to Bloomberg Business Week, the Dallas-Fort Worth area ranks number six in the nation for tech jobs.  The article states that there are 174,848 tech jobs in the region, which boasts a high-tech payroll total of $15.4 billion per year.  This means the average IT job in Dallas pays $88,164 per year.  If this sounds like something you might want to learn more about, read on.  The employers doing the hiring for these jobs include companies like AT&T, Texas Instruments and Radio Shack, but there are dozens of other peripheral tech companies who say they’re hiring for IT jobs.  Dallas is one of many cities in the state of Texas enjoying a more robust recovery than the rest of the nation, a fact that presidential candidate Rick Perry plans to take to the bank.

In a depressed job market, you will often hear people who make it sound like landing job is impossible.  These are what some people might call the pessimists of our society, who take one piece of bad news and use it as an excuse not to try.  But the truth is plenty of Dallas job openings exist in technology and IT; you just need to know where to find them.  If you’re really serious about finding a job in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, the question you must ask yourself, “How serious am I about pursuing a position in this field?”  If the answer is “very serious,” then you have some work to do.

Have you been hearing a lot in the news about all the Dallas jobs, and wondering who is actually hiring?  According to the industry’s best technical recruiters, Dallas is one of the few cities in America with a rebounding job market, but not all the Dallas jobs hiring right now are with high-tech companies.  As you know, every middle to large-size company with an IT department needs experienced technical staffers.  If you have a background in computer systems engineering, database management, computer repair, or internet marketing, Dallas and Fort Worth are two of the fastest-growing markets in the U.S.  But what is even more important is your job searching tactics.

 Despite the recent negativity about the nation’s economy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report last week saying that Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, Texas are still on top in new jobs and job growth.  Compared to one year ago, these cities lead other large metro markets in job creation of nonfarm employment.  This is great news for those seeking Dallas technical jobs in the Texas area.

If you ask a Dallas technical recruiter which IT jobs are the most coveted in the industry, most would agree that a job at Facebook, Google or LinkedIn is considered a “dream job”.  Just the prospect of being on the cutting-edge of the most talked-about new technologies would make any job seeker enthusiastic.  But are these companies as wonderful as everyone says they are? 


Until recently, I never realized how many different opinions there were in the marketplace about technical recruiters, or for that matter, any type of recruiter.  In my own personal experience, a good technical recruiter has always been the best way to find technical jobs in Texas, but perhaps I was lucky enough to be working with the right staffing agency.  After reading the responses that were given to a LinkedIn member, who asked “what it takes to become the best technical recruiter”, I could see how many candidates and employers were jaded by experiences with recruiters. 


Are you a technical professional looking for a new job in the Dallas metropolitan area?  Then chances are you’ve been frustrated by the whole job search process.  Looking at the number of technical jobs posted in the region, one would expect the process to run smoothly, but the competition for Dallas jobs in technology is fierce.  Instead of sending resumes blindly through area job boards, or working with “generalist” recruiters, many IT professionals have been successful with specialized technical recruiters.